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11 Reasons to Buy an Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella

21 Jan

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11 Reasons to Buy an Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella

There’s nothing more relaxing outside under the sun, with a book in your hand, and a cool refreshing drink in the other hand. The only thing that may disrupt this bliss is the sun, and this is where and how a cantilever umbrella can help.

What is a cantilever umbrella?

If you wonder what a cantilever umbrella is, well it is an umbrella supported by a cantilever. And a cantilever, well, it is a long projecting beam fixed at a single point. It is extensively used in constructing bridges.

Unlike in other umbrellas, the cantilever is designed and strong enough to support the umbrella from the perimeter of the system, and not its center. This is what gives the umbrella the benefit of offering a clear and unobstructed view while seated under it.

Reasons and benefits to buying one


1. Changing directions is a cinch


These umbrellas are also called patio umbrellas. Their specialty is that you can easily change its direction for maximum protection from the sun. You no longer have to change your furniture as the sun moves across the sky and gets more uncomfortable. Just adjust the umbrella’s position to where you need its shade the most.

With these umbrellas around, all you need are a few seconds to block out the sun. this is indeed the first and most important reason to get one! There however are even more reasons to get one. Just read on and you will learn all about them.


2. Easy to set up

Cantilever umbrellas are so easy to set up. You don’t need to set it up based on a particular piece of furniture. Neither do you have to adjust it to provide shade to a particular spot. You just have to set up your patio furniture wherever you like it and place the umbrella to its side.


3. Provides complete 360-degree coverage


The larger cantilevers with a tilting feature can provide optimum coverage from the sun throughout the day. You can adjust it as you want just by tilting its angle as the sun moves.

This is definitely much more coverage than the shade provided by traditional center-based table umbrellas. Patio umbrellas are not only useful for protection from the sun. They also provide adequate protection from heavy rains pouring at different angles and directions.


4. No drilling or tables for support

You don’t even have to drill holes to set up a cantilever umbrella. This means there’s no need to look for tables with a central hole to set up the umbrella. All you have to do is set it upon any table you have and start using its shade.


5. Added flexibility

This fact, in turn, adds to the flexibility of the umbrella. You can use it anywhere you want, atop any table. You do not have to use it only on tables designed to hold traditional center umbrellas.

This proves especially helpful if you are bored with your patio furniture arrangement, and want to move things around. It is also helpful if you will be doing some business outside and want to arrange your furniture accordingly. Just place the umbrella on top of the table you need for optimal shade and support after arranging the furniture.


6. Easy storage


Cantilever umbrellas offer another advantage of easy storage after use. All you need to do is fold and keep it aside when you no longer need it. It is much different and convenient to store than other traditional table umbrellas. In this case, you have to shift and store both the umbrella with the table once you are done.


7. Easy to use

If you look around right and do your research, you will be able to buy an umbrella that is also easy to use. There are some brands that need just a touch to open the umbrella. You can also easily adjust it to the right angle and setting with a mere push.

Most cantilever umbrellas come with a hand crank that helps give you optimal control over your umbrella. It lets you do many functions like tilting the umbrella to 360° and adjust the canopy’s height and tilt.


8. Can even cover your pool


Your cantilever umbrella also helps provide pool coverage, if needed. You just have to place and adjust it so that it offers maximum shade to the pool area. And once you are out of the pool, just turn it back over to cover your lounge chairs and furniture!


9. Various sizes and shapes to choose from


With cantilever umbrellas available in various sizes and shapes, you can easily find one to match your patio furniture. When it comes to shape, you have small and large versions to choose from.

The small umbrellas cover tables while the large umbrellas easily provide shade to numerous tables and chairs. You have to decide, and buy your umbrellas based on your budget, and of course, how much of coverage you require.

You have to decide if you are comfortable with single, large umbrellas. You may otherwise require various strategically placed small umbrellas for maximum shade and looks.


10. Offers more space

Another benefit worth mentioning about cantilever umbrellas is that it does not form much of obstruction. This is because it does not take up much space because there is no pole under its center. 

This leaves you with more space to place more furniture under it. You can also easily and conveniently rearrange furniture whenever required. This is unlike the traditionally centered umbrellas that offer limited space under the umbrella edges.


11. Can be used in all seasons

Last, but not least, cantilever umbrellas are perfect to use throughout the year, throughout the seasons. They are usually durably built using high-performance material.

This lets the umbrella withstand not only the hot sun rays but will also keep you dry on rainy days. They are in fact, also strong enough to keep you sheltered while it is snowing!

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