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5 Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Wooden Dining Table

31 Jan

Keep It Clean || Regular Dusting || Proper Position || Protect The Surface || Make It Shine

5 Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Wooden Dining Table

Your wooden dining table needs extra attention from you. It is not like the other furniture that undergoes minimal wear and tear. There will be not only regular scratches from pots and pans but also hot and oily spills that can damage the wood.

This is why it’s better to maintain it well from the start.

1. Keep it clean

Always dry and keep the table dry to present any possible water damage. This means all spills should be wiped off as soon as possible. You can use a non-alkaline soap and water solution is to remove the grime of any oily spills.

Glasses usually sweat to leave marks on the table. This can be removed by rubbing it with mayonnaise. Yup, you will be surprised but your favorite salad dressing does more than improve the taste of your salads and sandwiches!

In case of burn marks, use a very-fine and dry steel-wool pad to gently rub over along the burnt area’s grain. It will help remove the stains. You can use your child’s crayon, or if you do not have children, a furniture touch-up marker works just as well to cover any ugly scratches on it. Just make sure you do not use just any crayon or marker. It should be a matching wood shade.

2. Regular dusting

The table needs regular dusting because while small dust particles are harmless, they can accumulate to scratch the wood surface finish. Dusting your table every week using a soft, lint-free cloth helps.

3. Proper position

It is important that you keep the table in the right spot, away from direct sunlight and any heat like radiators. It is because extremely hot temperatures can wreck the wooden dining table. Besides, the wooden table may also end up splitting or warping because of frequent temperature swings.

4. Protect the surface

The best way to prolong your wooden dining table’s life is by protecting its surface from possible damage. You can buy a piece of glass that is large enough to place on top of the table.

It not only protects your table but also adds a touch of elegance. However, if you have kids at home, there’s a chance of their hitting the glass and causing cracks.

This is why it may be better to cover the table with linen or cotton tablecloth or placemats. However, don’t use vinyl or plastic tablecloths or placemats. They may either damage the wooden finish or leave residues that accumulate on the surface. The residue ends up discoloring and making the dining table surface sticky.

5. Make it shine

Your wooden dining table also needs some polishing, like your car. It needs to be polished with a coat of carnauba wax, either once or twice a year. Do your polishing using two soft, lint-free cloths.

You need to use one for applying the wax, and the other for polishing it onto the table. Regular polishing of your table not only adds a better shine to the table, but also makes it so much easier for you to wipe off dust and any other residue.

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