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6 Furniture Tips to Help Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

30 Nov

6 Furniture Tips to Help Make Your Living Room Look Bigger


6 Furniture Tips to Help Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

Mirrors Help || Streamlined Furniture Looks Cleaner || The Right Sized Rug || Buy More of Armless Furniture || False Ceiling || Hidden Storage Space


Maintaining a smaller house is indeed easier than cleaning a big house. You may however at times wish you had a bigger home, especially when guests pop in.

While changing homes is not a practical idea, there are a few things you can do to make your rooms look bigger, using the help of the right furniture and accessories.

1. Mirrors Help

One of the easiest ways to add space to a room is by fitting a huge mirror in it. It’s the reflections that make the room look big, which is why you should know how to, and where to place it for best effects.

While a bigger mirror creates the best effects, you can always use small to average size mirrors. Remember, something is always better than nothing! Now about the ideal place to hang it, it should be preferably across a window.

This is because it will reflect the natural light that enters the room, to create an illusion of a bigger room. Don’t think that a huge mirror won’t fit into a small space.

They, in fact, help small spaces well because they create an illusion of depth and space to make the room look big. Besides, it can also be used to add some pizzazz to the room if your mirror has a decorative and unique frame.

2. Streamlined Furniture Looks Cleaner

No matter how attractive fancy or decorated furniture may seem, they are not meant for small rooms. They only make your room look much smaller. It’s better to look for streamlined, square or rectangular furniture because they look clean and fit better in small spaces than furniture with curves.

But don’t lose heart if you want something curvy to keep up with the room’s theme. If this is the case, you can perhaps use a curvy piece as an accent or to create a focal point. A good example is an ornately framed mirror with streamlined furniture, and nothing more. Overdoing this only fills the room up.


3. The Right Sized Rug

Even a rug plays an important part in determining the room of your size. You have to choose the right sized one for your room. Don’t make the mistake of buying a small rug because it only makes the room look unevenly poised.

You should, on the contrary, ensure all rooms have a large enough rug. Your rug should be large enough to leave just 10-20 inches of bare floor in between it and the room walls.

Don’t worry if you can’t find a rug that big. If this is the case, then at least look for a rug that is big enough to reach under all the legs, or at least the front legs of the room’s major upholstered furniture. You know the rug is too small for the room if it doesn’t reach the furniture legs.

Of course, if you have a very large room, then it may not prove practical to buy a really big rug. It’s too heavy and cumbersome to move around and clean. You can instead consider using two rugs for the room and arrange the furniture on it accordingly. So in case of large rooms, you have the choice of customizing a rug to its size or buying two rugs.

4. Buy More of Armless Furniture

Yes, furniture with arms gives your arms support while watching TV and perhaps reading a book. However, they are also bulky and take up lots of space. This is why they are a better option for bigger rooms while you should look out for more furniture without arms for your small rooms.

If you do want arms for added comfort, look for something with sleek and slim arms. Otherwise, you can buy some upholstered slipper-style sofas and chairs which don’t have arms.

Not only do they save about several inches of space on both sides, but they also look smaller, sleeker and slimmer. But there’s one point to remember. If you are a person who tends to lay your head on your sofa arm while watching TV, then this may not be a wise investment for you.

5. False Ceiling

Increasing the height of the room goes a long way at making it look bigger. Of course, you can’t think about changing the ceiling height. But you can actually do something to make it look taller, and increase the room size.

You have to first paint the ceiling white or some pale color. Then depending on the ceiling height, you have to paint its top quarter, fifth or sixth the same color. This tricks your eyes into thinking that the ceiling is higher than it actually is.

In case you don’t like the look of two paint colors butting against each other near the top of the wall, then you could always place some molding like a chair rail where they meet.

This can be in any style you think is feasible, as long as it is not too thick or bulky in size. This only ends spoils the effect created as it cuts the wall off, to make it look untidy.

6. Hidden Storage Space

Nothing makes a room looks smaller than clutter and junk. No matter what you do, and no matter how much you keep your home clean, you can’t help it much as ‘stuff’ just seems to accumulate in places without your knowledge.

There is a remedy for this problem. You can arrange for, or create some hidden storage space for your possessions.  Hidden is the word to remember here because you don’t have space to afford to add new cupboards or tables. 

So instead, you have to look for, and use hollow benches with removable tops for storage or side tables having drawers for additional storage space. Or you can always use a storage basket to stuff all the ‘stuff ‘around you!



There! Making your room look bigger really isn’t that difficult right? Just try these 6 tips and you will agree that they really do help!

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