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6 Tips For Choosing Comfortable Living Room Chairs

08 Jul

6 Tips For Choosing Comfortable Living Room Chairs

Living rooms or family rooms are considered the hub of most homes because it’s where family members sit together and watch their favorite movies, talk about things, have a cup of coffee or just laze around.

You naturally have to look for the right living room chairs for the room where you will be spending quite a few memorable moments and memories. It is the right furniture that makes it even more comfortable to spend time in.

Look for chairs that befit quite a few features. They have to be comfortable to sit on, durable enough to bear the weight and antics of both old and young people for years, stylish enough to complement the other family room furniture and also effectively bring out the style and interior décor of the room. As you have to keep so many things in mind while looking at these chairs, this buying guide can be of great help in making the right choice.

1. Comfort is the top priority

No living room chair is comfortable without arms. So look for chairs that have arms that are rightfully placed on the chair. Footrests on the chair increase its comfort by 100%.

Not only do your arms need support to be comfortable while on the chair, but it also needs a footrest so that you can sit comfortably with your feet on them. If not swivel chairs, you could consider placing a rocking chair as a variable alternative in your living room.

You could also look for a chair with a swivel mechanism. The mechanism makes it all the more convenient and easy to grab something from the table or to start talking to someone sitting on the seat beside you.

2. Proportionately sized

Look for the right sized chair by first assessing your family room’s size. You will need to measure the space because you not only need enough space for chairs, but there should also be sufficient walking space around them.

The chair should not only fit into its speculated area, but it should also complement your sofa well. In other words, it shouldn’t look too small when compared to your sofa. So the best thing to do is measure the sofa’s seat height from the floor, and the total width of its seat and arms. Then choose living room chairs that are about the same measurements and are at least proportionally sized right.

3. Accent 'filler' chairs

You have other chairs called occasional or accent chairs that you can use to fill up those small spaces in your family room. It’s because they are smaller in size than the fully upholstered chairs you may have selected for your home. These chairs have visible frames and come with seats and a back which may or may not be upholstered.

They give you much needed additional seating options for small areas. These chairs are not necessarily confined to use only in small lounges but can also be used in dining rooms as an extra seating option. And when not in use, placing the accent chairs in a corner can prove useful at adding a burst of color to your lounge.

4. Look for something symbolizing your style

Chairs for living rooms are not actually sofa chairs. There’s a difference between the two as there are some people who call the sofa a sofa chair while there are others who call chairs matching the sofa a sofa chair.

If it’s a chair matching the sofa, it is usually manufactured using the same materials as the sofa. The main difference between the two is that the chair has only one seat cushion and not two or more.

So sofa chairs that are bought with the sofa are a perfect match to the sofa. However, in case of living room chairs, they are made using different materials and you are at liberty of choosing chairs with a style that complements your other furniture pieces.

However, it needn’t be an exact match to your sofa. Just look for something that has the same color or style as the sofa or you can alternatively choose chairs that are of a similar time period as the sofa. The chairs and sofa combined will pull your room together.

5. Room atmosphere

Your room’s atmosphere also affects your choice of chairs. If your family room is a formal place which is used mainly for special occasions, then it’s better to get chairs having upright backs or upholstered wing-back chairs.

These chairs have a tall back, armrests and winged sides for a reason. They were originally designed like this to provide protection from drafts. However, it’s now used more to give your room an old world look. In case the room is more a relaxed meeting place, then look for chairs that are more casually designed, and meant for lounging like chaise lounge chairs and recliners.

6. Buy based on material

The chair material is another factor to consider. There are leather chairs that add a touch of sophistication to your room with its smooth finish and clean lines. There are traditionally designed leather club chairs with low backs or the taller, softer and plusher chairs that provide for comfortable seating around the TV.

Fabric chairs are a good choice if you are looking for something casual because they come in various patterns and hues. This makes them just perfect to add some lively splash of color to the room.

If you have pets or children at home, then it’s very likely that they will eventually end up messing up your chairs. In that case, it’s better to buy chairs that are easily cleaned like microfiber chairs. 

Of course, they may not come in many colors and patterns to choose from, but they are easily cleaned. They, in fact, compensate for their minimal color and pattern choice through the many styles it’s available in.

Of the lot, it’s upholstered living room chairs, especially those in velvet that is the most comfortable. Then again the choice is left to you, to make with the help of this buying guide. 

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