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7 Leather Furniture Myths Debunked

05 Oct

Leather furniture is so beautiful to look at; it spruces up any living room interiors. However, despite being so attractive to look at, many people think twice about investing in them because of the many leather care myths surrounding it.

This is why this article strives to debunk these myths, and instead provide some facts and tips that will help you keep your leather furniture well maintained.



Myth #1: Leather furniture isn’t long lasting.

Fact: This is false. On the contrary, leather furnishing is a lifetime investment that looks even more beautiful over time because time brings out its natural patina. Besides, leather furnishing can be enjoyed for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment indeed.


Myth #2: Only the rich and elite can afford leather furnishing.

Fact: This is false because though leather upholstery does give you a rich and royal look, most people can afford it. This is mainly because unlike other furniture fabrics that tend to wear out, leather tends to wear in, and thus last longer than fabric.

It’s in fact about the same rate as any other furnishings but comes with the added benefit of being a durable material and a long-term investment. Its long lasting life makes it a worthy investment even if you may have to pay an initial substantial amount for it.


Myth #3: Leather furniture is difficult to take care of.

Fact: This is also false because leather is not as difficult to take care of as thought. All it requires is regular maintenance like wiping out spills immediately and using a conditioner to condition it every 6 to 12 months to prevent possible cracking.

The only important thing you need to remember is to avoid using normal cleaning supplies like soaps, solvents, and detergents to clean it. However, like other furnishings, it also needs some regular vacuuming and spot cleaning.


Myth #4: Pets and kids easily damage leather furniture.

Fact: This is false as it’s only if your pets use it as a scratch post or a chew toy that they may end up getting damaged. Otherwise, it’s as safe as any other sofa or chair you have at home.

In fact, leather is a rather strong and springy material which makes it an ideal addition to any home with youngsters because it’s less likely to get too hot or cold for their comfort. However, just for your satisfaction, you could perhaps look for something with a protective layer which protects the leather from possible damage by kids and pets.


Myth #5: Leather furniture can get too hot or too cold for comfort.

Fact; This is partly true and partly false because while leather car furniture can get cold and hot based on the season, leather pieces at home tend to warm up based on your body heat. In fact, it remains pleasantly cool in summer because it’s a natural, breathable material. Of course, it’s also important that you keep it away from the sun otherwise it can get hot, and the heat may also end up fading the color.


Myth #6: Leather Furnishings can get uncomfortable for many.

Fact: This is false because leather sofas and furnishings are just as comfortable as any other furniture. In fact, using it with pillows and blankets make it even cozier to sit on!


Myth #7: Leather furniture gets ruined if wet.

Fact: This is partly true because while too much water is bad of leather furnishings, it does require some moisture for conditioning, and to remain supple and firm. In fact, while there are some fixtures which come with a non-absorbent protective coating on top, there are others like aniline leather that don’t have any coating and are absorbent in nature.



Useful leather cleaning tricks and techniques

Now that the major myths about leather furniture have been debunked, it’s now time to learn some tricks and trades that will help keep it beautiful for many years to come.

  • Your leather furnishing requires regular dry cloth dusting and vacuum cleaning in crevices under normal and regular usage. This helps eliminate any dust, food particles, pet hair or debris that may accumulate on it.
  • Make sure you regularly condition it every 6 – 12 months to keep it supple and to prevent possible cracking.

  • It is always better to protect your furniture from the sun and direct light because it may fade with regular exposure to the sun.

  • If you are using a new cleaning product meant for leather sofas and furnishings, it is always better to try it on an obscure part before using it on the entire unit.

  • Immediately wipe off any extra liquid in case of minor spills and spots with a clean, absorbent sponge or cloth. You may also lightly wet a soft cloth with clean lukewarm water and then let it dry naturally.

  • It’s not advised to use any soap or to soak the furniture heavily with water because it ends up doing more harm than the stain.

  • Leather furnishings should not be cleaned using any polish, abrasive cleaners, varnish, ammonia water, detergent soaps or oils. 
  • In case there are some oil, butter or grease stains on the leather furnishing, wipe it off using a clean and dry cloth and then leave it alone. Though you may find a spot there, it over time slowly dissipates into the leather.

  • Light or minor scratches are best removed gently buffing it using chamois or clean fingers. You can also work scratches out by moistening the area lightly with distilled water.

  • Any persistent stains which don’t seem to disappear with any of these tricks or tips are better left to the professional leather specialists. They have the necessary know-how and materials to safely remove the stain without damaging the leather. 

With these 7 myths debunked, you will definitely feel and agree that leather furniture is not so difficult to take care of. In fact, it requires about the same time and care as any other furnishing, and are easily maintained and taken care of using the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

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