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9 Mistakes to avoid while buying furniture in 2019

12 Dec

Once you are done looking for a home and shifting into it, it is the decorating part that gets you carried away. You leaf through furniture catalogs and visit so many online stores only to end up confused and tempted to buying furniture that grabs your fancy.

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Furniture 2019

This is when you may end up making some mistakes that you end up regretting after some time. And this is where we intend to help you by pinpointing the mistakes and blunders to avoid while buying furniture.

1. Not taking your lifestyle and future plans into consideration

You have to buy furniture based on not only your budget and home, but also based on whether you have or plan to have children, and if you are a pet lover. 

For example, there is no point splurging on an expensive couch if you have a small child or are expecting one, or if you have a pet at home. Its better buying something cheaper and easily maintained over time.

2. Buying all your furniture at once

Always take your time to buy furniture. First-time buyers usually end up overwhelmed looking at the so many different types of furniture that they end up buying the first set that catches their eye.

However, they do this only to, later on, end up repenting their purchase because they find something even better or more affordably priced at the next store or catalog. 

Besides, it is not necessary that you buy always buy a set because there’s no rule saying that your sofa and chairs should match or that the end tables and coffee tables should look alike.

In fact, your home and you seem to be more interesting if you incorporate as much texture and materials in your furniture. Some designers even suggest pairing perhaps a distressed leather sofa with chairs having plush velvet accents for a wonderfully layered and interesting look.

3. Buying only what's trendy

While the trending pieces of furniture are what you see around you the most, it is not always the best for your home or your lifestyle. That’s why it is always better to first buy the main pieces like your dining table and sofa first, and let it ‘breathe’ in the room.

You then gradually get ideas and better options for chairs and tables to complement it. You can even use something antique or vintage to make your interiors look all the more unique.

4. Irregular pairing

Similarly, there’s another rule to remember while buying furniture. Always pair them right. Many people tend to buy a large sectional sofa and additional smaller accent pieces like side chairs and coffee tables thinking they complement each other other well.

However, they are making a mistake because furniture should always be the same size, otherwise they end up looking out of proportion. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy ONLY tiny or giant furniture pieces. You have to buy your furniture taking your room into consideration, and how much of space there’ll be between them.

Sofas and coffee tables should be placed about 18 inches away from each other while it is better to maintain 32 to 36 inches of space in between adjacent seating and furniture. This ensures there is enough space to move around.

In case of the dining room, try to keep 4 feet of space between the dining table edge and other furniture or the wall. This way there will be enough space to pull out your chair and walk around.

5. Throwing away unique pieces

Some people make the mistake of ditching their unique heirloom or sentimental family furniture to make space for something trendy or modern.

However, they fail to realize that while new things to make your room, and everything in it looks better, having something old in each room makes it look even more special and unique.

For example, the old rocking chair you share a special bonding with will make an ideal centerpiece for your living room. Use your creativity and imagination to buy complementary furniture for a unique, and comfortable ambience.

6. Forgetting maintenance

The high-end sofa or chairs you buy may look really beautiful at first appearance. However, they usually require lots of maintenance to always look like that.

Wood furniture you buy should not only be durable but also easily cleaned with the right products. The wrong products only end up ruining the wood finish.

The same rule applies to leather furniture which requires lots of care and maintenance using the right cleaning and polishing products. These cleaning products are usually expensive and will add to your furniture budget and costs.

7. Going off your budget

It is always better to plan a budget or limit the amount of money you can afford to spend on your furniture. With so many brands and types of furniture around, there is a high chance of your getting carried away and spending more than your budget.

Do not forget to take into account additional charges you may have to bear like delivery costs or the option of paying for an extended warranty. And then if it is an exquisite or unique piece of furniture needing special maintenance, then there is the additional expense of buying specific cleaning products.

8. Falling prey to sales gimmicks

Be careful of sales because not all of them are genuine. Most stores have a habit of inflating rates and then slashing it through their ‘sales’ to make customers think they have a great deal. Little do they know that they usually end up paying more for the furniture than it is worth.

9. No mutual understanding

Last, but not least, make sure you discuss and buy your furniture only after discussing with your partner or roommate. Remember, buying furniture is a huge decision, and you both will be using and living in it together.

So it is better if you choose something both of you want and are happy with, for minimal misunderstandings and maximum comfort for the year 2019.

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