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9 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Accent Chair

11 Jan
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9 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Accent Chair

One of the best ways to add some drama and life to your room is through an accent chair. It is what makes a focal point that draws the attention of people entering the room.

It is also an opportunity to display your style and add some charm to the room. However, to do all this, you first need to pick and use the right accent chair that merges well in your room, with other furniture and decor. And this is what this buying guide is all about, to help you choose the right chair that complements your room decor and furniture.

1. Purpose

The most important point to consider is the purpose of the chair. You have to decide based on how you plan to use it. It should be a comfortable chair to snuggle in while reading your book. It can also help create a style statement or part of your room’s conversation space.

You can also mix and match styles. Sometimes if your other furniture is modern or contemporary in style, then an antique accent chair makes an ideal focal point.

2. Size

This is another important factor to bear in mind. In comparison with other furniture, the chair shouldn’t be too small or big for your room. Poorly proportionate furniture only ends up making space look awkward, no matter how well the room’s decor, or how beautiful your accent chair may be.

Besides, a very small chair will not be much visible in a large room, and too big a chair will take up more space, and you may not be able to accommodate other chairs. It is also important that your accent chair's height balances with other room seating.

3. Your Height

You may also have to consider your height while buying your accent chair, as you will most probably be using it the most. If you are tall, then it is better to avoid the chairs that are too low to the ground. If you are short, then avoid chairs that have a deep seat length.

4. Shape and Style

Different accent chairs come in different shapes and styles. You need to first decide if you want to create a traditional or a contemporary look. This is because some chairs may have distinct curves which make your room look distinguished. There are also other chairs that give your room a sleek and traditional look.

Generally, a sleek silhouette accent chair is better if you have more of sleek furniture while a low-seated, armless slipper chair complements a low seated sofa better.

If you are looking for something premium in style, then look for chairs with soft fabrics like velvet or suede. And if you have kids or pets around, then it is better to look for durability in a leather accent chair.

Oversized chairs are best if you are looking for something comfortable where you can curl up into at the end of the day with a book or watch your favorite show or movie.

5. Budget

Don’t forget to set a budget, and stick to it while looking for your accent chair. With so many beautifully designed chairs made using the best materials, there’s a high chance of your getting carried away!

While you don’t have to spend too much for one, too cheap chairs may be low in quality too. Generally, you get better chairs if you are ready to spend more for it. However, if you don’t want to spend too much for it, then you may look for accent chairs that are under $100.

6. Color

You should also choose your chair based on its color and texture. Remember, they become your room’s focal point, and should not end up lost in the room’s decor.

If you have a neutral space, then a patterned accent chair may be just what you need to add some color to the room. Just follow your instincts, and choose a color that’s in contrast with the walls and surroundings.

7. Fabric or Texture

When it comes to texture, if you have a leather sofa, look for an accent chair that is more feminine and soft to touch. If you want something stylish and comfortable, then woven textiles may be right for you.

Avoid anything with suede or velvet if you have kids or pets around, which is not durable enough for your kids’ and pet’s antics. Natural or synthetic leather is a more durable option, especially for everyday use.

8. Placement

Don’t forget to fix, and decide on a spot you plan to keep the chair. There’s no point in spending so much time and money selecting an accent chair only to eventually realize it doesn’t fit into your available space. It may take up too much or too little of your room space, or you may even find it difficult taking the chair into the room!

Remember, the main idea of the chair is to make your room more inviting and comfortable, and not look cluttered. You can choose a comfortable, reclining chair for low-traffic areas or keep one near the window with a small table and lamp for your reading corner.

Don’t forget to ensure there’s a smooth flow of traffic around the chair. It should not end up an obstruction or a disturbance. If you plan to place the chair in the recreation or living areas, then look for something comfortable and durable enough to withstand everyday use.

However, you can afford to look for something more stylish like an antique or hand-crafted chair if it’ll be placed in bedrooms or hallways. If the chairs will serve as extra standby chairs, then look for something firm and sturdy, measuring 16-18 inches high.

9. Number of Chairs

It’s not always that you will want a single accent chair. If it’s the main purpose is for seating while entertaining guests in the room, then you’ll need to have more than one chair.

If there’s enough space, you can opt to have a maximum of four chairs. Then again, if it’s to be your private reading nook, then you obviously need only one chair.

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