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9 Useful Tips for Buying The Best Sofa Set

17 Jul

9 Useful Tips for Buying The Best Sofa Set


Did you know that there’s more to buying a sofa set than heading to the furniture store? You need to do some research, take some measurements and set your preferences and necessities right before you set out to buy one. This is why these tips should prove helpful while buying sofa sets.

1.  Take floor measurements

The first thing you need to do is not run to the furniture store, but get a measuring tape and jot down the room dimensions. Don’t forget to note down the locations of all the rooms and windows in the room, and indicate how the doors open like to the right or left of the room. It is vital to prevent you from buying a sofa set to place at spots that prevent you from opening the door or windows.

2.  Check sofa set measurements

Now you know how much of space you can devote to your sofa set, it’s time to do some online browsing. Check out various online furniture stores, and compare not only the colors and materials but also the sofa sizes. This is because while most stores may mention the sofa’s width, length, and even height, they are all the sofa’s external measurements.

It is also better to find out through the site, or their customer support details like the inner measurements. You must know the sofa’s seat and arm heights and also the seat depth to ensure you have sufficient room for more people to lie down or sit on.

On an average, the sofa should measure 86” wide, 38” deep and 37” high on the outside. An inside depth of 19-21” is enough if you are small in structure but if you are tall, look for a sofa with 22-24 inside depth. Just make sure the sofa you buy fits into the room, and can comfortably seat as many people as you want it to seat.

3.  Don't get fooled by lights

Furniture you buy usually looks much different at home than at the store. It’s because furniture stores have lighting designers to place their lights in such spots so that you are attracted to the furniture’s strongest features and develop a desire to buy it. The same applies to online stores. Different monitors and computers will give the couch a much different color than you imagine.

4.  Know what's inside the couch

While the sofa set should be comfortable, you should also know more about the sofa’s construction. Hardwood frames are more durable than pine lumber while kiln dried woods like ok make a strong sofa. Sofas also have springs and slings and 8-way ties for better support and longevity.

The sofa is usually built using eight-way or sinuous construction and there may not even be springs in the cheaper options. Even the foam in the sofa set’s cushions will vary in its density and materials.

Sofas are filled with different materials where polyurethane is cheap and easy to maintain. However, it tends to flatten over the years. While high resiliency (HR) filling is harder, it wears better with usage. And while goose down is indeed expensive, it’s clumpy.

5.  Choose a sofa with long lasting upholstery

Besides the construction, it’s the sofa set’s upholstery that determines its durability and longevity. If you like a sofa set, ask the retailer if the material is ideal for light, medium or heavy use. Generally, 100% cotton quickly wears out and fades while combination fabric like a mix of polyester, acrylic, and rayon has a longer life.

It’s also better if the fabric is easy to clean, especially if you have kids or a pet at home. And of course, the best sofa set would be one with a durable and easy to clean fabric that has a great color or pattern. Even slipovers are a great investment for sofa sets as you can easily remove and wash them when soiled.

6.  Know your budget

Sofa sets come in various price ranges, ranging anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. While it’s true that the best cost the most, it’s not always a wise decision to buy the best sofa. If you wonder why, well it’s because these sofas are really long lasting.

So even if you get bored with the sofa set after say 7-8 years, you won’t have the heart to sell it after spending so much on it and because it still looks as good as new! So even if you want to, you won’t be able to sell expensive sofas when you get bored with it.

This is why it’s better to buy a reasonably priced sofa set with an expected lifespan of about 8 to 10 years. This way if you want, you can sell and buy a new one after a few years if you want. And with sofas being big investments, you can save quite a lot if you buy your next sofa on an annual sale.

7.  Appropriate style

With so many types of sofas available, you need to first decide what type of a sofa best complements your room and lifestyle. It could be a traditional one, a modern sofa or a sofa with rolled arms or a skirt or nothing.

You could even consider sofas with an attached or loose knife or box cushions. The choice lies in your hands, and the best way to choose is online as you can visit so many stores sitting on your computer.

8.  Additional points to bear in mind

  • If you are apprehensive about the sofa cover color or pattern, ask for a few swatches to take home and see which piece works out best with your décor.
  • Ask the manufacturer for the appropriate sofa care instructions.

  • Always wait for sales as you can save considerable money.
  • Most furniture manufacturers have a warranty for their sofa sets, which are usually two years for the upholstery and 4-5 years for the frame. Don’t forget to keep the warranty safely someplace.
  • Read the fine print as some furniture is brought in, and set up for you while there are some companies which leave the furniture at the curb.

9.  Make a checklist

Now that you know what you should look out for while buying sofa sets, make a checklist and use it as a reference guide while shopping. Even though you may have to spend some time making the list, it’s time well spent as it helps make choosing your sofa set so much easier. 

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