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A Guide to Help You Choose Between Buying An Ottoman Or A Coffee Table

15 Jul

A Guide to Help You Choose Between Buying An Ottoman Or A Coffee Table

Coffee Table || Ottoman

Looking for a small piece of furniture to use as a table and storage purposes? Trying to choose between an ottoman and a coffee table? If this is the case, this article should help you decide based on the individual properties, pros, and cons of these pieces of furniture.

Coffee table

Coffee tables are lower tables that are placed in front of the sofa or chairs in a living room. Because of its low height, they are not comfortable to use for eating like a regular table unless you and your guests are comfortable sitting on the floor or on cushions.

They are very versatile in function as they can be used for storing your magazines, books, remote controls, and even drinks and snacks. They are usually made of wood but are also available in different styles and designs to easily blend with most home décor.

They are ideal for use in homes where you have sufficient space for an extra piece of furniture. While these tables come in various sizes, they are usually on the larger side and can hold quite a few things. However, if you use it for serving or holding drinks, it’s always better to use coasters to protect its surface and prevent water rings from ruining the table surface.


  • Coffee tables are made of hard materials and are sturdy enough to safely carry your drinks or snacks, without worrying about them knocking over.
  • Ideal for use when friends are over to hold food and drinks while watching television. 
  • They are made of materials that are easy to clean. So there’s no worry of spills damaging the surface table as they can be easily wiped up.  
  • Coffee tables blend in most living rooms as there’s a size that complements, without overwhelming your existing space. 
  • As coffee tables have a more formal look than ottomans they are perfect for creating a formal atmosphere
  • If required, you can paint or stain wooden coffee tables to your preferred color choice to match and complement the other room furniture. 
  • Oval or round coffee tables help break up angular space and make edges look softer.
  • A coffee table with thin legs looks more open and airy and adds less weight to the room. They are ideal for rooms without much natural light or where another furniture is dark and heavy.


  • As coffee tables are made of hard materials like wood or metal, they can bruise if accidentally run or walked into.
  • The tables are heavy so there’s a chance of leaving scratches while pulling it across the floor. 
  • There seldom is any hidden storage space in coffee tables so everything stored is clearly visible.
  • Any water rings caused by glasses on the table surface has to be sanded down and refinished to restore its beauty.  
  • There is a chance of stacking magazines, newspapers and other items on the table to add to the clutter and chaos. 
  • It’s not sanitary to prop your feet on coffee tables and there’s also the risk of accidentally spilling things.
  • Some coffee tables may have small drawers that can’t hold anything large or bulky. 


Ottomans are upholstered, low pieces of furniture that usually accompany a matching chair. They are also available as individual pieces if you do not want anything matching. Some even come with a lid when opens to some storage space. 

They do not have any arms or back but can be used for additional seating purposes. They are also ideal footrests and can be used as a coffee table by placing a sturdy table atop it to prevent possible spills. It’s also ideal for storing books, blankets or toys that are easily accessed, and out of view of guests.

Ottomans are a better option if you want a versatile piece of furniture or if you want a matching footstool for your favorite armchair. They can be used in many ways, making it ideal for small homes or if you can’t afford to buy different pieces of furniture for different purposes.


  • Ottomans come in various styles and upholstery, to easily blend with, and complement your room’s décor and look.  
  • Unlike coffee tables, ottomans are soft, so there’s a reduced risk of your bruising and injuring yourself if you walk into it. You may at the most stub your toe if you hit its wooden legs and there’s no worry of children getting injured if you run into them.
  • You can quickly clean up your living room if you have surprise guests, thanks to the hidden storage space in ottomans. It’s also useful for storing extra pillows, blankets, books, and board games.
  • Ottomans can easily change the look of your room as they are made of different types of materials. 
  • There’s no need of buying another table as you can place a tray atop the ottoman and use it for holding glasses and offer cups.
  • Ottomans make perfect additional, comfortable seats if anyone drops by. 


  • An ottoman can hold drinks and store things only if it’s fairly large, which also makes navigating around small rooms rather difficult.
  • It’s difficult cleaning up any spills from Ottomans. The spills also quickly stain the upholstery to leave spots and strange smells.
  • The upholstery shows signs of wear and tear with excessive use. Of course, you can always reupholster the ottoman but it’s an additional cost.
  • The built-in storage space is convenient but makes ottomans rather bulky and heavy to move around alone. 
  • It may be difficult to find an ottoman that fits with your room’s theme and appearance. 
  • While ottomans can easily hold a lot of weight, it does also add lots of visual weight to your room, which everyone may not like.
  • Placing a tray on top of the ottoman does let you use it as a table. However, this is risky as the tray may get knocked off and everything falling to the floor.
  • Sometimes an angular coffee table is better than ottomans for breaking up the plush look created by plush sofas and chairs. 

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of ottomans and coffee tables, the final choice lies in your hand.

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