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All You Need to Know About Buying Bedroom Furniture

20 Aug

Most people emphasize only about decorating their living rooms, as this is where they socialize and meet friends. However little do they realize that their bedrooms also need some care and attention because this is the room you want to relax in.

The only way you will feel relaxed in the bedroom is if it’s comfortably furnished with the appropriate bedroom furniture. So no matter if you are redecorating your home, or looking out for your first bedroom furniture set, this guide should help you choose and buy the right, comfortable furniture.


All You Need To Know About Buying Bedroom Furniture 


  • Space

This is undoubtedly the most important factor to consider while decorating any room. If you don’t know how much of available space you have for your bedroom furniture you may end up buying too big or too many things that end up cluttering your room with insufficient room to comfortably move around.

Before setting out to buy your furniture you first have to take your room measurements and buy furniture that fits into this space, and still leaves you with space to comfortably move around.

  • Style

Once you know how much of space you have, you can next choose your furniture based on its style. You can choose between buying a stately and traditional bed or something modern and contemporary to match your trendy style. You can also opt for transitional bedroom furniture; but whatever you choose, make sure it blends well with the other furniture, decor, and fixtures you plan to use in your bedroom.

  • The bed

The bed is next in line, so before you fall in love with any particular bed, first decide what type of headboard and footboard you’d like to have. Stunning headboards add sophistication to your room and make it look both comfortable and modern.

Headboards having lots of storage space are a good option, especially if you have a big home and need extra storage space. It’s conversely also a good buy if you have a small bedroom with limited storage space.

Though a high headboard is a good buy, make sure it doesn’t block a window. A bed with a low footboard is a good option if you are tall because it gives your legs more stretching space. If you are not the type to neatly tuck in blankets at the foot of the bed, then a bed with a high footboard can solve the problem.

Figuring all this out before you start looking for the right bed can help narrow your search, and reduce the time spent looking for bedroom furniture. Remember, if you are redecorating your bedroom, and plan to buy a bigger bed than you previously used, make sure you also include buying a new mattress for the new bed in your plans.

  • Nightstands

After the bed and mattress, a nightstand is definitely the next most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. They are often considered to be an extension of the bed as it’s useful for keeping things like your bedside lamps, alarm clocks, phones and perhaps books within your arm’s reach.

As you will need two nightstands for your master bedroom, make sure there’s adequate space on both sides for them. Nightstands are usually short and either has a combination of drawers or open space below.

  • Bedside chests, dressers, and armoires

You may get confused about the differences between chests, dressers, and armoires while looking for additional bedroom furniture. They all serve the same storage functionally and serve a useful and necessary furniture piece for your bedroom. It’s left to you to choose which one you want based on your budget, space and storage needs.

Chests are rather taller than wide and come in varied heights. They're about 5-7 drawers in a single column to use for storing things. They're a better choice if you have limited floor space.

Dressers are wider than tall in structure and generally come with a mirror above them. They generally have about 2-3 columns of drawers with about 3-4 rows of drawers per column, giving you a total of 6 to 12 drawers in a dresser. These are a better option if you have to share the drawers between two people because it’s easier to divide the columns of drawers for both of you.

  • Armoires and chifferobes

You could consider buying armoires and chifferobes if you need extra space for hanging clothes. They usually have rods for hanging clothes and shelves or drawers for storing other folded clothes.

These are better if you want storage space to hang clothes and store them folded. Then again, if you have the budget and space, you can always combine different bedroom furniture as permits.

  • Media solutions

If you have a bedroom TV, then you could get a media chest for the TV and perhaps your DVD or set-up box. These chests are generally shorter than chests to accommodate the TV’s height. But of course, if there’s no space for another chest, then you can always mount the TV above your existing chest.

  • Wall decor

While the right bedroom furniture makes your room comfortable and convenient for storing your things, you need wall decor like beautiful artworks to beautify the room. There is no rule about the placement of these paintings and wall decor; you can do it using your judgment and available space. For example, while it’s common to hang paintings right above the headboard, you can always hang one on the wall opposite the bed.

  • Other accessories

Now you have most of the required bedroom furniture and wall decor up, it’s left up to you to decide if your bedroom needs more accessories. You can decide based on the available space and your budget.

You could perhaps add some greenery to the balcony if you have one, or on the chest or a side table to add color, brightness, beauty, and texture to the bedroom. You can also add some ceiling fixtures to beautify and improve the look and space of the room.

Rugs are also very effective for improving the bedroom’s look and feel as it takes the beauty of your room to the next level. Last, but not least, choose the right prints and patterns for your bed cover and curtains to liven up the bedroom, and add some sophistication to it.

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