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How to Choose the Correct Size Table Lamp

25 Jan

Placement || Purpose || Room Decor || Style || Size and Shade Ratio || Lamp Features

How to Choose the Correct Size Table Lamp

Lights and lamps are meant to illuminate a room; but did you know that it does much more to your room? It can also transform the looks of the furniture which in turn changes the look of your room.

It is the right light that does justice to your furniture by highlighting and accentuating it. It can also change the theme color and style to make the room much cozier and inviting than before.

This is why it is so important that you choose your table lamp well. And if you need help here, the following tips should help you out.


•  Where you plan to place it

It is better to go shopping for a table lamp only after determining where you plan to place it. You may have to also measure the distance between the sofa, bed or chair to avoid ending up buying too short or too tall a lamp.

It helps if you keep a few pointers in mind while looking for your table lamp. For example, the bottom of the table lamp shade should line up to your eye level while sitting on a sofa or chair, it should line up to about your chin level while sitting in bed. This way you know that there is no worry about the light shining directly to your eyes.

•  Decide and define its purpose

Decide why you need a lamp, and how much illumination it has to provide. This is especially important if you are looking for a table lamp for your bedroom because you do not want something bright here.

On the converse, you may need a bright lamp in your study or if you plan to place one near your cozy recliner, to use while reading your favorite book.


•  Room décor


You have to determine the lamp size based on the room décor. A tall lamp will not fit well into a room with low furniture while a short lamp will hardly be seen in a room with large furniture. And if the lamp is for reading purposes, then it should be at eye level while you are sleeping or resting in bed or your sofa.


•  Style

You’ll find table lamps in various styles and designs ranging from classical to modern types. The right lamp can create a focal point for your room and help transform it into someplace mystical.


•  Size and shade ratio

It is important that your table lamp is proportionately designed, especially the ratio between the shade and size. Its diameter should be at least two inches less than the body’s length. The base also affects your choice because a narrower base provides less illumination.


•  Check out the different lamp features

Check the lamp’s features before buying because while some let you change the shade if necessary, others do not. Consequently, some table lamps work with the old style CFL lamps and don’t support LED bulbs. While it’s not necessary, a lamp that switches between the two is a better buy.

Look for a table lamp that complements and fits in with other room lighting fixtures. So while a chandelier will help set the room’s mood and provide enough illumination, the table lamp should fit in with it. Sometimes mixing two different table lamps that are geometrically the same helps give a unique twist to your room’s visual symmetry.

If you need some light at night, then it’s worth looking for a table lamp with a night light. They provide the necessary overall lighting through the day and enough accent lighting as a night light.

There are table lamps that come with two pull chains, providing you with two light levels. You can turn on both lights for reading and use just one for watching TV or for general room illumination. It’s this feature that makes this light an interesting lamp to place next to your favorite reading chair or recliner.

If you are always on the mobile phone or use a kindle for reading, then lamps with USB ports are a sensible buy. It not only illuminates your room but also has a port to power your device instead of depending on traditional owner outlets.


•  Calculate the shade height

You first have to determine the right height range for your lamp. You can do this by sitting right next to where you intend to place the lamp. Then measure the distance between the surface and eye level to get your base measurement. Measuring it by three gives you the shade’s average height.


•  The right size


You can get an estimation of the lamp’s right size by adding 8 inches to the shade measurement. This way you are sure your lamp does not look out of proportion while placed on a table.


•  Choosing shade style

You also have to consider the shade style of the lamp you plan to buy. If you are looking for a light you can leave on while watching television, then look for something dark in color or opaque because it minimizes lighting glare. A lamp with a semi-opaque shade is perfect for general room lighting, and if you want something with a warm glow for reading.


•  Selecting the right bulb

You also have to take into consideration the light bulb used or found in the light. You will have to obviously choose based on the purpose of the lamp. In case of a lamp you want to use for studying purposes, then look for a bulb that is 60 watts or more.

If you want to save on energy costs, then check and look for lamp shade that supports LED bulb with minimal lumens output.

It is better to get a lamp with dimming flexibility for added flexibility and use. So even if you plan to go with LEDs, check to ensure its LED bulb is dimmable because some designs are not.

Now that you know all about selecting the right table lamp for your room, you can finally get about buying one!

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