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Soak Up the Sun with These Outdoor Space Design Trends!

Houston summer is right around the corner, if not already in full swing. And let’s be honest for second—we’ve all spent a ton of time indoors for over a year now so we’re glad to be outside…so long as we’ve got the proper outdoor space to enjoy our time!

Here’s how to turn your backyard into a tranquil paradise that’s ready to be shown off! 

Mixed Materials
OK, let’s talk about the need for mixed materials. The number #1 rule with outdoor furniture is that any individual piece is only as good as the materials it’s made from. If you invest in high-quality furniture from the start, you’ll have lasting outdoor enjoyment season after season.

From hand-woven wicker to rust-proof aluminium, along with tempered glass and comfortable cushions using the patented technology of Nuvella® fabric, mixing materials enables you to blend styles across furniture for a magazine-worthy look. Blending so many different materials provides an irreplaceable wow factor.


Dual Purpose Furniture
Once again, space is a commodity. Depending on the size of your summer soirees, space-saving is something we believe in helping everyone accomplish.

For one, good patio furniture must be adaptable. As durable as it is when situated, outdoor furniture has to fit the current mood or occasion. Likewise, many pieces can double or even triple in use. A stunning, all-weather dining table can easily accommodate up to 8 people on a gorgeous day when using the included umbrella hole for some added shade.

However, if you want to pull the chairs back and keep people mingling on their feet, use the rectangular table top as a buffet setup for serving a spread or potluck.

We even stock a mixed-material fire pit table with concealable cabinet doors and weather-proof resin wicker. At the same exact spot, set your cold drinks down on it one minute, then gather around a fire the next. Yes, we really have thought of everything!

Pops of Color
In the 80s, the popular trend was an overuse of flashy colors. In the 2000s, things got dark with heavy beiges. In more recent years, designers have become somewhat frustrated with the “neutral” trend of constant greys. Good thing is, the new trend is rapidly getting spiced up with selective pops of color.

For example, Adirondack chairs don’t have to be a boring wooden color. Why not try a clean and energetic turquoise with a red end table? If you opt for a multi-piece sectional—which can be shifted around to a variety of positions depending on the company—a brown wicker set with cream-colored cushions can quickly be brought to life with a couple of bright throw pillows along with a throw blanket.

In a nutshell, exterior design was bound to get more interesting once again. We’re keeping it classy by slowly introducing these pops of color so they’ll stand out in a way that’s simultaneously bold yet subtle.

Plan Your Activities
What’s really important when planning your outdoor space is identifying what activities the afternoon will center around. If you’re going to be grilling out, we recommend having plenty of seating options available, preferably couches and sectionals with coffee tables to set plates on. This will encourage socializing, as sharing food is meant to do.

If the event is primarily going to be a pool party, you’ll have extra reason for things to be waterproof, as great patio furniture is. Having chairs nearby facing the pool will help keep people relaxed and ready to dive in, especially parents watching their children’s safety.

At night after the sun goes down, are you planning to whip out your guitar and have an entire party lock arms while singing Kum Ba Yah? In that case, you’ll absolutely need a firepit with casual chairs.

Here is one last piece of advice for anyone with a family. If you regularly share meals at the dinner table, invest in a backyard dining table. Taking advantage of warm summer evenings will transform any monotonous weeknight supper into a fun family experience that most people will envy.

Only Shop the Best Outdoor Furniture Around
Is your backyard or patio just screaming for a transformation? Exclusive Furniture has convenient locations throughout Houston in Katy, Southeast, Southwest, Cypress, West Oaks, Humble, Webster, or Missouri City. Stop in today where low prices live!

4 Interior Design Trends of 2021 We Just Can’t Get Enough of!

Have you been spending too much time looking at your home and feeling it is time for a refresh? What better way to embrace new beginnings than to capitalize on the hottest interior design trends of this year!

Since home is still where everyone spends the majority of their free time, start by giving your furniture and décor a significant yet easily implemented boost.

Luxurious Interiors to Retreat to

Remember the live-large extravagance of the Roaring Twenties? Of course not, because none of us were there! What makes this Gatsby-era so important is that people today have been pent up for over a year and are ready to party. A century later, modern designers are taking advantage of chic hotel and art deco styles you can incorporate into your home.

We recommend starting with a single statement piece that has a geometric shape or else uses fabric featuring a geometric design. This will set the tone for the grand allure of a ballroom where champagne just keeps on flowing.

Christian Bedroom Set Emirates Bedroom Set London Place Bedroom Set

On top of being comfortable, any couch, chair or ottoman that’s made of velvet will all but scream luxury. Look for monochrome print and bright pops of colored furniture, which will both add plenty of splash as timeless flourishes.
Velvet Green Bench Lily Cream Velvet Accent Chair

And don’t worry, dressing up like a flapper is still optional.

The Home Office as a Focal Point

Working from home lately? We doubt you miss the bland, cramped nature of a corporate cubicle. Inspire your inner creativity throughout each day by making your home office a place where you’ll truly love spending time. To evoke an easy space where you can think clearly and complete task after task, furniture should have crisp clean lines.

For desks and chairs, looking cool is definitely important but so is functionality. We always believe in combining both!

Baraga Office Set Carrington Desk Set

Even if the furniture itself is slightly less intricate, this will set the room up nicely for eye-catching embellishments in the form of desk accessories and wall art. Plenty of impressive personal touches await that will remain professional without overwhelming anybody on those lengthy Zoom calls. 

Yeah, it’s definitely time to exploit this “WFH” opportunity a little more, don’t you think?

Global Influence

Quarantine periods have unfortunately left many of us longing for the good old days of traveling abroad. The good news is you can traverse the planet every day without ever leaving home!

Nothing is more marvelous and awe-inspiring than trying out different global influences which can add some exotic flair to any room in the house. Wood furniture with unique designs in particular adds a warm, inviting feel. Additionally, choosing woven or rattan furniture and accessories can look fantastic inside your home as well as outdoors.
Silvermist Cabinet Wood Carved Cabinet

Another simple but effective way to spice up your home’s décor and add an extra layer of energy is to select furniture pieces with earthy colors such as ivory or cream, slate and even brown. Every time natural light pours through the windows, you’ll feel transported to an Airbnb thousands of miles away.

Verdict: skip the plane ticket and invest in globally inspired décor instead.

Stepping Outside – Go Multi-Functional

As a way to escape the day-to-day routine we experience inside our home, it’s important to focus on your outdoor space as well. First and foremost, the ideal porch or patio needs to be functional, inviting and comfortable. Remember those ultra-chill spring and summer BBQ get-togethers? We’ll all be having them again, and the ultimate key is being welcoming for an entire party or just your own family.

Experiment with an outdoor set that allows you to easily mix and match sections and swap out the color of pillows depending on the occasion or season. The right outdoor table can also transition rapidly from a dining surface to a fire pit to a spot for games and more.

Calremont Outdoor Dining Set Adirondack Chair Outdoor Fire Pit and Table

Making your outdoor area a private, tranquil retreat where spouses, siblings and guests love to gather and have fun can only be considered an enormous accomplishment. Seriously, this will put the “fresh” in fresh air!

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6 Things to Know Before You Start Redesigning Your Bedroom on Your Own

Redesigning your bedroom can be overwhelming. There are many magazines and TV shows with tons of different styles and designs, some might fit your taste while others don’t. If you’re thinking about redesigning your bedroom, don’t fret—it can be done and can be fun, too. Here are six things you need to know when redesigning your bedroom on your own.

1. Take Stock in Space, Size, and Storage

Before any shopping is done, it’s important to know the space and size of your bedroom. Measuring your bedroom can take time, but it’s worth it in the long run—no one wants to buy a mattress that’s too big for the room. Many bedrooms are square or rectangle, which can be easily measured using a measuring tape. All you need are the length and width.

There is a general guideline for room size and mattress size:

Remember that this room size and mattress size guide is a guide—they’re not rules. What really matters is how much room you’re wanting to have once the mattress is in the bedroom. A twin bed can be a perfect addition to a large room if ample storage and walking space is crucial to you.

2. Don’t Skip on a Quality Mattress

When it comes to picking a new mattress, no two mattresses are made the same. Not only is size important, but also comfort and type as well. There are a variety of different levels of comfort (such as soft, medium, and firm), types (such as foam, hybrid, or spring), as well as different functions and features.

The best way to find your match is by giving it a try in person. No one will judge you for laying back and assuming the sleep position. We have tons of different brands and deals on a wide variety of mattresses, and top brands such as Tempur-pedic, Sealy, and Bedgear. No matter what kind of bed you pick, it’s key to pick a quality mattress. A good mattress helps your health, back, your mood, and doesn’t have to break the bank.

3. Plan Your Style

After deciding on a mattress, it’s now time to focus on the type of style for your bedroom. Some of the most popular are coastal, cottage, modern, contemporary, and bohemian. Before deciding on a specific style, do your research. Making a style board of pictures from magazines or TV, or creating a Pinterest board can help you get inspired. Make note of the existing furniture pieces you currently have in your home and see if they can be incorporated into your bedroom redesign. Style is personal—make sure your bedroom is filled with the colors, trends, and textures you like.


4. Don’t Forget the Staples and Sets

Once you’ve decided on a style for the bedroom, it’s time to consider the furniture pieces that will be the anchor of your design. Buying individual pieces of furniture can be time-consuming and difficult—not all furniture is made the same or looks the same. Purchasing a bedroom set can make a room look more uniform and organized as these pieces are the same color and of the same material. We have a variety of furniture sets in different styles, depending on what you and your room need.

5. Adding Statement Pieces

Mixing in statement pieces can make or break a space, but they are an effortless way to add personality to your furniture set. Be sure not to add too many statement pieces as this can overcrowd your furniture. One good piece is all a room needs to truly pop, so take time to find a unique chair or bench to incorporate into your space. Our diverse amount of statement pieces in different colors and styles will aid your search for the perfect one.

Add a pop of glam with luxury fabrics and metallics.

Bold colors and luxurious fabrics are a great way to show your personal style.

Bold colors and luxurious fabrics are a great way to show your personal style.
Bold colors and luxurious fabrics are a great way to show your personal style.

6. Accessorize as Needed

It’s easy to get carried away. Less is more when it comes to accessories—play around with throw pillows, vases, and wall décor to see how your room flows. Remember that accessories frame your space, not take over.

A pro design tip is to start with three of the top accessories below, and then add as you bring your new space to life.

Rugs can draw the eye to the focal point of your room and add a pop of color or pattern.
Mirrors are a great way to make your space seem larger and add more light.
Pillows & Throws are great ways to add style and create an inviting bed. (Don’t overdo it, as you do have to make the bed each morning).
Lamps are both decorative and functional, whether large corner or small nightstand this is a great style accent.
Wall Art is always a must and the perfect way to tie your color and design style together.

Creating A Space You Love

Redesigning a room is fun but takes time. It’s important to plan out your space accordingly. When it comes to transforming your bedroom, it is imperative to go to a furniture store that has a variety of brands, colors, and styles. For over twenty years, Exclusive Furniture has led the Houston area in value and quality for furniture. With multiple locations across the Greater Houston area, it has never been easier to transform your home. Find inspiration and shop online 24/7 or visit any of our 7 locations in person.

Relaxing Living Room Ideas

Your living room is likely the heart of your home. Especially if you have kids or like to host people to gather in your house.

For a room that you spend so much time in, you want to make your living room a relaxing space – a space that is simple, cozy, and free from chaos and clutter.

Use these relaxing living room ideas to warm up your space and keep it comfortable!

Relaxing Living Room Ideas

Create Storage

Keeping clutter off the ground is key to making your space more relaxing. Picking out a console or ottoman that has storage is a great option.

If you have a small living room – get some cute baskets to stores toys, blankets, or other items that usually make your space messy.

Don’t Fill Every Space

We have purposefully left the center area of our living room open – with no coffee table or ottoman – so that there was more space to play for our kids.

We spend a lot of time in our living room as a family or with friends. It is nice to have more space for dance parties and toy car races.

Get a comfortable rug

In our season of life with two little kids, we spend a lot of time on our living room rug. We lay down to color pictures of princesses or flip through books about construction equipment. We also lay down all of our pillows and blankets and build forts on our living room floor.

Having a comfortable rug is a crucial part of making all that floor work manageable for two parents in their 30s. We put a rug pad under our rug for a little extra cushion and to keep it from sliding out of place.

A rug is also one of the easiest pieces of your main furniture and decor to change out when you start feeling the itch to redecorate.

Rugs come in so many different patterns, you can even change them out for the season. I have been updating the rugs in our home and using Exclusive Furniture’s selection as my inspiration.

Their rugs are extremely affordable, which makes changing up the look of your living room really cost-effective.

They are a family-owned business based in Houston (and I love supporting my local economy) and they do a great job at serving their customers and the community.

Exclusive Furniture has store locations all around the city of Houston, and I really enjoy stopping in and browsing all of their current deals. Plus they frequently have family-friendly events and serve snacks, coffee, and wine (YES!) in-store.

Find the Perfect Furniture for Your Child's Room at Exclusive Furniture

How to Select KidsFurniture for Your Childs Room 

Modern Kid's room

Finding the best kidsfurniture for your childs room may feel overwhelming. Theres such a wide array of options available today. Whether youre a new parent or expecting another child, you dont want to spend hours looking over different types of bedroom furniture.

At Exclusive Furniture, we understand the importance of finding the right pieces for your home. From living room sets to bedroom sets, we strive to offer everything a family needs at our many convenient locations

Weve put together this guide to help parents in their search for quality kidsfurniture. 

Finding the Right Changing Table 

When it comes to kidsroom furniture, changing tables are essential for babies and toddlers. Oftentimes, the prime concern is safety. You need to choose a changing table that is sturdy and constructed with a safety strap and a low guardrail to prevent a wriggler from falling. We know you would never leave a child unattended, but kids seem to have this innate ability to move when you least expect it! 

Remember that storage is an important component of changing tables. When you choose a model with lower shelves, it provides convenient storage space for diapers and baby clothes. Moreover, it adds to the tables stability and safety.

Even after your child knows how to use the toilet, a versatile changing table can double as an area for storage and display. Some couples even modify a chest of drawers to act as a changing table! 

Toy Chests and Kids
Furniture Storage 

As your kids grow, their toys often become smaller. From blocks to craft beads, toys can become an irritating and dangerous hazard. When you need to keep small toys out of reach, you may want to consider adding a new storage option to your childs room. Benches with storage make a great accent for entryways.

However, the right design can double as a toy chest for your toddler, with the added convenience of a padded seating area for them to relax and read as they grow. Easy to access storage brings an increased level of convenience and safety to any childs room. 

When your child begins grade school, theyll come to appreciate kidsfurniture and systems that help them stay organized. From sports equipment to homework and personal treasures, the right furniture can grow in use alongside your child. 

The Classic Nightstand 

When your child no longer needs a crib, a nightstand offers a handy space to store and display their favorite things. Whether they need a place for water or their bedtime storybooks, look for a simple, sturdy, and safe nightstand. Find one with rounded corners to boost safety, and it can be helpful to have an open shelf or drawer as well. 

For smaller kids and rowdier big kids, you may want to resist the urge for a table lamp. Consider a wall-mounted light instead, leaving the nightstand as a space for their more unbreakable treasures. 

Kids Furniture for Desks and Study Space

A good place to study and do homework is essential. Nowadays, homework often involves a computer as well as handwritten projects. Oftentimes, computer desks offer a drop-down tray for keyboards, making it much more convenient to switch between the two. 

Younger children will likely be happy with a table and chair at their height, and some older kids will prefer finding their own space to do homework. However, crafting a good space just for them shows your kid that you are serious about their homework. Desks also make it easier for kids to organize and keep track of their materials. 

Find the Right Fit for KidsFurniture at Exclusive 

When youre ready to put together a beautiful room for your child, Exclusive Furniture has what you need. We have a lovely selection of kidsfurniture that can meet a number of diverse style preferences. Whether you need kids' bedding or a bunk bed, we're here to help.

Visit one of our convenient locations, and let us help you curate your home solutions. Our sales associates are always ready to help you find the right furniture for your family. 

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How to Find the Perfect Color Scheme

Finding a Color Scheme for Your Furniture 

Crafting a color scheme in your home is more than paint color. Whether your living room color palette evolves as you go or you plan your whole house at once, each room as a color scheme. Your furniture needs to work within this scheme.

However, choosing the right colors isnt always easy. Thats why Exclusive Furniture is here with helpful tips to determine your color palette. 

Couple Finding Perfect Color Scheme for their Furniture

How Do I Choose a Color Palette for My House? 

Are you ready to begin planning the palette of your house? The basics of color theory can help your scheme emerge in no time. Your color palette has the power to set the mood for a room. Moreover, it has the potential to evoke emotion when people spend time in it.

Color can make rooms feel warmer, cooler, smaller, and larger. The right color combinations have the power to create balance, emphasis, harmony, and unity. 

The Temperature of Your Color Scheme 

Warm and cool colors are an important aspect of color theory. Warm colors range from yellow to red and often include browns. On the other hand, cool colors range from blue-green to blue-violet and typically include grays. For art and design, warm colors appear more active as cool colors recede. 

          Warm colors derive from the primary colors of yellow, red, and orange. Typically, they evoke a warm feeling like a campfire or a sunrise. 

          Cool colors derive from violet, green, and blue. They tend to evoke a cooler, earthy element like water or greenery. 

What Colors Are Warm And Inviting? 

          Red can bring warmth to any setting. Oftentimes, people utilize red on a seasonal basis when they want to evoke this sense of warmth. 

          Pink can be a bold statement piece in furniture, offering vigor to your color scheme while remaining inviting. 

          Gold is darker than a standard yellow, often feeling warm and inviting without an overwhelming sense of exuberance. 

          Peach is a combination of many warm colors that can be quite tasteful and inviting. 

          Brown is a neutral color that works well within a warm color scheme. This is especially true when you mix it with deeper warm colors. 

          Tangerine has more of a pumpkin tint in its purest form and is a lovely hue for autumn. 

          White is generally neutral. However, a creamy, warm white fosters a sense of coziness in the right situation. 

Examples of Cool Colors 

          Deep purple works well with warmer blues and can be an excellent option as an accent color. 

          Beige is often thought of as a neutral color, but a cool beige is a trendy version that uses a pink base. 

          Sage is a calm alternative to grey that evokes more emotion than white. This green-based color adds soothing feelings to a room. 

          Green is earthy and grounding, offering a fresh and lively feel that makes a color scheme bold yet natural. 

          Navy blue is timeless as a dark look, and it goes well with neutral accents. Mix it with a grey or deep purple for a color scheme that is all-cool with a lot of flair. 

          Light blue is a brighter cool color that can both enliven and calm a color scheme, depending on how you utilize it. 

          Grey is the definition of neutral. However, it complements cool colors quite well. 

The Three Basic Color Schemes 

When you use a three-color design scheme, an easy option is the rule of three” when you mix warm and cool colors. 

          60% of the components are a dominant color, typically applied to the walls.

          30% is a secondary color, usually utilized in your furniture, such as a living room set.

          10% is an accent color, such as an accent wall or your accessories in the room. 

Any color can be dominant in your color scheme. However, its important to choose something that you can live with. Three basic color schemes work well across the board. 

          Monochromatic color schemes have different shades of the same hue. 

          Analogous color schemes use three hues that neighbor each other, such as blue, green, and yellow. However, they do not necessarily need to be adjacent in the color wheel. 

          Complementary color schemes utilize opposite colors with one warm color and one cool color. 

Find Your Color Palette with Exclusive Furniture 

As you determine your color scheme, peruse the vast inventory Exclusive Furniture has to match your style. We have a beautiful selection of living room furniture as well as bedroom sets. 

Visit one of our convenient locations, and let us help you curate your home solutions. When your palette is set, our sales associates can assist you in finding the best furniture to suit your style. 

Craft a Summer Oasis with Outdoor Furniture

Turn Your Patio into a Summer Oasis with Outdoor Furniture 

As spring turns to summer in Houston, you’re probably looking for ways to spruce up your patio. With the right
outdoor furniture, your patio can become your summer oasis. When you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor furniture set, Exclusive Furniture is here to help. We’ve put together a few tips for how you can turn your patio into your own personal oasis! 

Update Your Outdoor Furniture 

One of the simplest ways to craft your oasis is to update your outdoor furniture. If you’re still using the same old plastic chairs you picked up decades ago, get ready to find them a new home. Do you need a patio table with outdoor seating, or would some outdoor lounge chairs over outdoor rugs better suit your style?

From wrought iron dining sets to rocking chairs made of wicker, your outdoor space could feel like a second living room. All it needs is the right patio furniture a little bit of love.

In Houston, patio furniture needs to be comfortable in the heat, and plastic can cause more harm than comfort. Depending on what kind of maintenance and style you’re open to, we have a broad spectrum of choices that suit an array of style preferences. 

Go for a Splash of Color 

As you build your summertime oasis, your outdoor furniture shouldn’t be too bland. You will want everything to match and flow together. However, you don’t want it to be boring.

With the right patio furniture, you can add pops of color to your yard. Breathe life into your patio with a beautiful selection that makes you and your home look great.

In the Houston summer, color can be exactly what we need to get us out of the AC. If you already have your ideal patio furniture, consider adding a decor piece or throw pillows that will bring in some color.  Patio umbrellas are another great way to accent your outdoor space and tie it all together.

Keep the Bugs at Bay 

Who can enjoy their oasis when the bugs are biting? No sane person wants those insects buzzing all around as they enjoy an evening cocktail with their friends. Plus, those pests do more than bite. They can carry dangerous diseases.

While most mosquitoes are active between dawn and dusk, you deserve to enjoy your oasis whenever you want. Don’t schedule your time around the bugs. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a pest-free oasis. 

  Add natural repellents. Marigolds, mint, and rosemary are just a few examples of natural repellents you can add to your patio. 

  Make some lavender ribbons. Mosquitoes hate lavender, which smells amazing. Add a few drops of lavender oil to some ribbons and hang them around your oasis to keep them away. 

  Light some citronella candles. Citronella candles are a popular way to ward off those nasty pests. Moreover, it’s a common ingredient in repellents. The strong citrus scent will help to keep mosquitoes at bay. 

   Hang some birdhouses in your yard. Birds love to eat mosquitoes. When you give birds a place to nest, it encourages them to stay in your area and feast on pests. 

    Drain standing water. Check to make sure there’s no standing water around your outdoor furniture. Be sure to drain any bird baths, inflatable pools, or other items where water may sit. 

    Place coffee grounds outside. Keep coffee grounds in an open container outdoors for a month. When you find some standing water, sprinkle the grounds in it. This can kill larvae left behind by mosquitoes. 

     Grill rosemary. It may sound a bit strange, but throwing rosemary on a grill can help to keep mosquitoes away. 

     Install a mosquito tent. Protect yourself and your guests in style with a mosquito net around your outdoor furniture. 

Plant a Garden Near Your Outdoor Furniture 

Building a garden around the patio is a great way to beautify your home. If you don’t have a green thumb, look for some “beginner” plants that will make the entire process easier on you. For example, marigolds, pansies, and sunflowers are excellent plants that don't require an abundance of maintenance.

Keep in mind that some plants should stay indoors while others thrive outside. Here are a few easy outdoor plants to consider: 






Gardening also has a lot of health benefits! According to the AARP, working in a garden can enhance your mood and lower risks associated with dementia

Mood Lighting Beautifies Your Space 

The right lighting can do wonders for making a space feel like it’s truly yours. Consider how beneficial it can be to string hanging lights around your patio. They provide a heightened level of ambiance to your patio in the evenings that will make it a dreamy space to entertain your friends. Whether you want an outdoor space that evokes zen, chic, or a beach paradise, the right lighting will help you tie your space together. 

Find Your Dream Outdoor Furniture at Exclusive

If you’re on the hunt for outdoor furniture in Houston, Exclusive Furniture is the place for you! We have a beautiful selection of patio furniture that will suit a wide array of style preferences. We pride ourselves in helping people craft their home solutions. 

Visit one of our convenient locations around Houston, and one of our sales associates will help you find the furniture best fit for you. 

Pros & Cons to Bunk Beds

What Are the Pros and Cons of Bunkbeds? 

Are you thinking about buying a bunk bed for your children? Bunkbeds can be an excellent way to save space in small rooms and small homes with multiple children. While there are downsides to owning a bunk bed, many people find that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 

The key is to find a bunk bed that saves space, feels safe, and allows your children to sleep comfortably. If you’re trying to decide whether these beds are for you, this list of the pros and cons can help you make your decision. 

Have more questions? Feel free to visit one of our store locations or reach out to us online. Our customer service representatives are happy to help!


The Pros of Bunkbeds 

Separate Beds 

Two beds provide each child with their own space to sleep and relax. This fosters a sense of independence, helping them sleep better on their own in the future. Having a space of their own at the end of the day can also help children establish their own identities and personalities. 

More Space 

Children’s rooms are often smaller, and sometimes families with small children find themselves in a “starter home.” Bunkbeds allow you to use space more efficiently whereas opting for two single beds would detract from space for storage and play. The smaller, stacked bed frames offer more floor space for play as well as other kids’ furniture.

Planning Ahead 

More versatile bunk beds can be taken apart and become two single beds when your children grow. This is a great option to consider when you plan to move into a bigger home someday because it provides your family with a cost-effective and efficient opportunity.

Sleepover Fun

In the right arrangement, bunk beds can be an excellent option for sleepovers. Draping sheets from the sides can turn the room into a secretive fort with minimum fuss. 

Separate Lighting 

Clip-on lamps offer children with bunkbed the opportunity to stay up later than one another when they want to read without disturbing the person in the other bunk. 

Individualized Attention

Bunkbeds are also a great way to show individual care. For example, if one child gets sick, you don’t need to wake both of them up to attend to the situation. 

Added Storage 

Some models of bunk beds come with integrated storage spaces. There are also models that offer storage drawers beneath the bottom bunk. This is a great option for additional efficiency with space in the room. 

he Cons of Bunkbeds 

Child Safety 

One of the concerns we hear most often is that of child safety in bunk beds. These beds should mainly be considered for children older than age six with the lower bunk assigned to the younger child. There’s always a risk with the ladder on the bunk. However, some bunkbed models come equipped with safer ladders or even steps up to the top bunk.

Some Assembly Required 

Some bunk beds can be tricky to build, taking several hours to assemble. Should you choose to assemble the bed yourself, it is important to follow all instructions so that the furniture complies with safety standards. 

Making the Beds 

Unfortunately, making the beds is no easy feat. You don’t always have direct access to both sides, and you have to climb the ladder to reach the top bunk. However, using a fitted sheet tucked in at the foot of the bed can make this task much simpler. It’s also good to keep a step stool handy to make reaching the top bunk much easier. 

Tucking Your Child Into the Top Bunk 

Giving out goodnight hugs and kisses can be a challenge for your child in the top bunk. However, you’ll find that the aforementioned step stool will come in handy here as well. 

A Brief List of Safety Tips 

          Children under 6 should not sleep on the top bunk. 

          Use nightlights to illuminate ladders or steps. 

          Always use the proper size of the mattress. 

          Ensure the structure is sound and sturdy. 

          No horseplay on the beds.

Shop Bunkbeds at Exclusive Furniture

At Exclusive Furniture, we take safety seriously. When families are looking for a bunk bed, we want to provide them with the best possible experience. If a bunk bed is right for your family, be sure to establish safety rules for your children and explain the importance to them. For example, no jumping on the bed or no swinging from the top bunk. 

Let your children know that these beds are for sleeping and remember that you may have to remind them more than once. 

A Modern Guide to Mid-Century Gothic

Your Guide to Mid Century Modern Sofas + Furniture

Mid-century modern sofas and other furniture have a style that endures due to a number of factors. This sense of style offers clean lines with gentle, organic curves as it embraced different materials and designers we still idolize today.

While some style historians disagree on when this period started, a rough estimate places mid-century modern sofas in the mid-1930s through the mid-1960s. However, this style has a timeless appeal that homeowners continue to embrace.


The Background on Mid-Century Modern Sofas and More

The mid-century modern style developed in America and grew out of earlier styles. For example, Bauhaus is a style that began in Germany and influenced the design of mid-century modern sofas and other furniture.

While world events can uproot and destroy, they also offer the opportunity to create. This is precisely what happened as a result of World War II as Bauhaus designers migrated to America. After WWII, cities, and suburbs expanded in the U.S. Alongside this expansion, people began to demand more modern furnishings for quickly built homes.

Technological advances then allowed for the production and development of new materials, making it possible to explore new textures, colors, effects, and forms.


What Sets Mid-Century Modern Style Apart

Mid-century modern sofas, along with other furniture of this style, consist of an understated, classic look that offers clean lines.

   Form often follows function because the functionality is an important aspect of the style.

   Materials vary as the style embraces a wide range.

   Designs often feature sleek lines in geometric forms and organic shapes.

   Ornamentation is often minimal in mid-century modern sofas.

   Materials are juxtaposed with different materials - at times even contrasting materials.


Colors and Materials Embraced by Mid-Century Modern Sofas

The new methods of construction as well as the new materials available influenced many mid-century modern designers. Oftentimes, plastic was used for its own qualities as opposed to imitating wooden furniture.

Designers used traditional materials liberally while also embracing non-traditional materials that we see quite often today. These include vinyl, glass, metal, Plexiglass, and plywood. They also embraced a wider array of colors, including neutral and bold colors. At this time, many designers also utilized black and white graphics.


Furnish Your Home with Mid-Century Modern Sofas and Other Furniture

New homeowners often feel intimidated as they tackle a style they love. You’re welcome to embrace the compulsion to replicate the times, but it may be easier to start out by looking for mid-century modern sofas and building from there.

As you begin to furnish your home, understand the distinguishing features of the style. Find pieces that echo those. The style has been adapted and modernized, so there are numerous options available to sate your desires.

When you decide to buy new furniture over vintage, even one large piece can set the tone of your home decor. This is why we recommend starting with a mid-century modern sofa. Visit an Exclusive Furniture near you to view our selection. Our helpful staff is always available to assist you as you peruse.

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