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Maximalism 101: Redesign Your Teenager’s Room

If anyone loves spending time in a single room, it’s most likely your teenager who is constantly retreating to their quarters. However, don’t let their bedroom become a closed-off lair that’s far removed from plain sight. Thanks to 2019’s bold new trend of maximalism, you can let your kid share their personality while still infusing the room with plenty of modern touches.
15 Aug

Tips For Decorating a Gender Neutral Bedroom For Kids

“Gender neutral” is a term you may be hearing more and more often these days. So as far as being trendy is concerned, we are going to walk you through a simple set up for a gender- neutral child’s room. The key is not to try and avoid pinks or blues as gender identifying colors, but to accentuate on bigger themes within the design and layout of a room that showcases personality rather than gender.
04 Aug

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