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Customer Favorites- Motion Furniture

13 May

Customer Favorites

Single or Dual Zone Wine Coolers || The Grey Reclining Loveseat || The Brown Power Lift Chair

At Exclusive Furniture it is our constant goal that we bring quality service and furniture to our customers. Bringing satisfaction to our customers is something that we at Exclusive Furniture always strive to attain while building everlasting relationships with families in the greater Houston Community.

            Let’s review some items from Exclusive Furniture’s Motion Furniture repertoire and review some of our customer’s favorite pieces.


1.      The Gray Reclining Sofa

The Gray Reclining Sofa combines simplicity and comfort to bring an attractiveness to the color gray. This 
deep-seated sofa with plump cushions and cozy arms automatically qualifies this piece as an ideal choice for a family room or entertaining area. Its laid-back appeal has a casual yet neat style that easily complements your home furniture and accentuates on your home style.



2.      The Grey Reclining Loveseat

The Gray Reclining Loveseat has an ordinary aesthetic to it, but just like its counterpart, The Gray Reclining Sofa, The Gray Reclining Loveseat can bring a low-key vibe and comforting attractiveness to the vicinity of your home. Enjoy the deep-seated cushions and cozy fabric that clothes this under-rated piece of furniture. Although casual, this Gray Reclining Loveseat will make the perfect addition for any family room or entertainment area. Pair this Reclining Loveseat with the Gray Reclining Sofa and witness a great partnership take place in you living room right before your very eyes.


3.      The Brown Power Lift Chair


The Brown Power Lift Chair is another popular furniture item whose simple appearance can bring every home style and piece of furniture come together. If “Less is more” is a well-known motto for you, then this power reclining chair will not disappoint your expectations. This Reclining Chair is a remote-controlled reclining piece which means despite the ordinary physique of this chair, you acquire a high-tech feature from this piece of furniture. Who wouldn’t want a bang for their buck?


If there is a lesson to take away from this entire report, it is that the simplest things can display a grander beauty beyond our expectations. To learn more about any of these spotlight items or any of our other furniture items, explore our website and feel free to drop by any of our store locations for great furniture at an EXCLUSIVE price.


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6/21/2019 4:55 PM
I just wanted to say how amazing Robin our sales associate was! Very helpful, and was able to answer all of our questions and concerns!