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Home Design: 5 Keys to Creating a Self-Care Bedroom

29 Mar

In recent times, the self-care craze has wedged itself into every corner of life, yet don’t be alarmed. This is a good thing! The year 2019 is the perfect chance for interior design to capitalize on self-care as well. From selecting the right furniture to incorporating the best color patterns, these decorative ideas below are sure to help melt the stress away on a nightly basis. Now go ahead and get started by using our guide to create the perfect bedroom, hand-tailored for optimal self-care!

 1. Clean Lines Clean lines will be the foundation on which your personal oasis is going to be built. Keep the furniture palette simple, and you’ll then be able to integrate zen elements that encourage relaxation. Centerpieces like this Affinity Queen Bedroom Set use light color woods and earth tones to allow for a calming environment. The Celia Queen Bedroom Set is also a contemporary alternative. However, be careful not to overstuff a room. If you can’t fit the full set, carefully select the pieces you can make work. When extra space is an option, including an additional piece of furniture to relax in (like this Elite Comfort Chair) will help round out empty spots.

   2. Choose the Right Colors Whether soft grey, pale blue, or even lavender, walls aren’t the only area of a bedroom in need of soothing color choices. Keep the majority of the room on the lighter side by opting for more delicate colors on important details like bedding, rugs, and curtains. Following this method, you can still keep your senses alive with selective pops of colors. For example, light pinks bring calming effects and accent well against greens. Speaking of green, Sherwin Williams produces a “sea salt green” paint color which mixes grey with a sage-like tone to create a one-of-a-kind tranquil feel.

   3. Natural Luxurious Linens If you make the wise choice to select white bedding, don’t be scared to have a subtle design like ping or pleats to create texture. Emphasize comfort even further by lining your bed with silky linen sheets. At the end of the day, you’ll want nothing more than a soft cozy surface to cuddle up with while diving into a good book. This Arctic Fur Throw is the perfect marriage of a stylish appearance with practical usability. Toss in a velvet pillow or two, and the linens throughout your room are sure to define luxury.

   4. Enhanced Lighting Elements To accompany your beautiful light tones throughout the room, natural sunlight will often compliment the atmosphere perfectly, but what about enjoying the room in the evenings? Kick up the style with a New Orleans Lamp guaranteed to subtly stand out. For your nightstand, stay modern with this Fayth Table Lamp to give the room some symmetry. An elegant Glass Pendant Light with a vintage Edison bulb is also a superb way to bathe the room in a warm glow.  

  5. Natural Accents Lastly, it’s time to blend natural elements of the outdoors into your bedroom redesign. Live plants and succulents add loads of flair, while a low-maintenance money tree adds style and maybe even a little bit of luck too. Wall art will also play a part in achieving that natural feel, especially a Wall Art Set with a wood-like appearance. To bring in a natural, pleasant scent, experiment with a dried eucalyptus wall hanger. On that same note, a Himalayan Salt Lamp contributes numerous benefits, including air purification. Remember, essential oil diffusers and any type of calming elements such as crystals, dried lavender, or incense will also help add an inviting, self-care attitude to any space.

  Reap the Benefits of Your Newly Created Space Utilizing your sleeping quarters to chase away all traces of anxiety is not only encouraged—it should be a must for everybody. Go ahead and start reveling in the advantages of your renovated bedroom. After all, relaxing at the end of a long day is the whole point of self-care home design. If you have no idea where to start, Exclusive Furniture has local design experts who are enthusiastic about lending advice. Drop by one of their 7 Houston-area locations for some inspiration, but if you want to keep on browsing just take a look at their Pinterest board here:  

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