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How to Arrange Living Room Furniture Around a Red Sofa

09 Aug

One of the best ways to make your living room really look unique and special is not just by buying the most expensive deep seating sofa available. Instead, it’s the colors you have to play with, and red is one color that will definitely make your red sofa stand out in any living room.

Red is naturally such a bold color that it makes a statement everywhere. So opting for a red sofa makes it your living room’s center of attention and its beauty is best highlighted based on how you plan to decorate your room.


How to Arrange Living Room Furniture Around a Red Sofa


1. Cottage

If it’s a cozy cottage you want to create, then try complementing your red sofa with throw pillows, upholstered lying room chairs, and curtains in your chosen fabric designs. The most common and favored options are checks, plaids, floral chintz, and mini-prints which you could perhaps mix for best results.

Whatever print you choose, just make sure at least 50% the print has red to complement your red sofa. The other half can be some other solid cotton colors. Your red sofa will look great if arranged with some wooden furniture.

You could perhaps mix some primitive looking tables and furniture with scallops or farmhouse legs. Top the look by placing a rug on the floor and use some vintage china sets and primitive portraits to seal the look.

2. Bohemian

A bohemian living room looks great if you add some yellow, turquoise, fuchsia or lilac accessories and furniture. You can then either paint the walls some bold colors or give it a crumbling brick or plaster look.

Next try using something exotic like saris, quilts, batik, tie-dye or rali for your pillows, throws and window treatments. Furniture should have vintage upholstery or at least something you can paint on.

Now layer the floor with some kilim, Bokhara or Shiraz rugs and accessories like 1920s or 1850s Moroccan pouf lamps. Seal the look by creating a gallery wall with artwork scaling the wall from top to bottom.

3. Contemporary

If contemporary it is, then your red sofa will look its best if it’s combined with accessories and furniture in neutrals. For example, white and any monochromatic colors in brown or gray shades look great on the room’s larger surfaces like walls, floors, and furniture.

Solids, patterns, and textures look good on fabric, walls and rugs while furniture with intermediate to high-gloss finish is ideal for the occasional furniture like coffee tables and ottomans. You can top off with something small in red accents like a lamp, an antique vase or a red painting.

4. Traditional

You can create something traditional by placing an oriental rug on the floor. The rug’s accent color should be red and not the background and should be at least as big as the entire space where you plan to place the sofa and other chairs. The wall color should be painted a light color from the rug or you could also plaster on some striped wallpaper.

You can add some chairs, which may be a pair or two different pieces, but make sure they are not covered in solid red. Instead, use some fabric which has red patterns on it and one of the other rug colors The look is even better if you use the same fabric for your curtains and any pillows for your sofa or as throws.

You can also alternatively choose some modern fabrics that compliment the rest. Top off your décor with 17th-19th century inspired cherry, mahogany or walnut occasional tables or antiques with Asian, Italian and English lamps and other accessories.

Additional points to remember

No matter which look you want to create with your red sofa, and what other accessories and furniture you use to create that look, there are also some other points to remember while arranging your living room furniture. They are:

  • Balance

It’s important that the larger pieces of furniture like your red sofa be arranged so that the room is kept in balance. You can either evenly distribute similar sized pieces of furniture through the room or arrange the sofa near relative furniture pieces like a second couch or love seat.

This furniture may not always feel right if it’s placed across the room from the couch, especially in large rooms. This arrangement is not convenient to converse in as there’s lots of space in between.

This is best rectified by balancing the seating so that it’s near, but not directly next to one another while keeping the larger pieces next to similar scale pieces. So if there will be lots of socializing in the living room, then it’s best to arrange the red sofa next to a large table or chair instead of next to a small accent table or floor lamp.

  • Orientation

It doesn’t matter where you plan to keep your red sofa. Just make sure it faces an integral part of the room like the fireplace, the television, a bay window or any part of the room that needs emphasis. The position and the sofa’s red color draw the room occupants’ attention to this part of the room.

  • Alignment

While most homeowners prefer aligning their sofas so that they leave as much space in the middle of the room as possible, it’s not the preferred seating arrangement as it doesn’t make the room feel cozy or relaxed.

It’s better to place the sofa and other seating options away from the walls and place them somewhere in the center of the room to create a more comfortable conversational area. You can also make the alignment a bit cozier and softer by arranging the sofa at an angle away from the wall.

For example, place it diagonally in front of the corner with a bookcase or tall plant behind it. Geometric alignments like placing the couch against the wall or creating angles in the room only create a formal atmosphere.

These decoration and arrangement tips, with your red sofa, will make your living room really cozy and comfortable for you and your friends or family to relax in. 

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