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How to Arrange Your Furniture

19 Mar

Small Living Rooms
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Arranging new furniture in your home has never sounded so exciting! Just the very thought of placing your new comfy sofa in its rightful place gives a sensual euphoria on the transformation of your home.

Although this so, this task may also seem daunting and overwhelming to some individuals who may not have the experience or the knowledge on how to successfully achieve Feng Shui.

Luckily for you, we have some tips on how to do just that! Let’s dive right into some tips on how to arrange furniture for your Living Room and Bedroom.

Living Rooms

Arranging your furniture in your home is a great way to help you visualize every angle that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. One way to perfectly position your furniture is by using a Virtual Furniture Planner. A Virtual Furniture Planner is a great tool that allows you to customize the placement of furniture items in any room. All you do is adjust the appearance of the “template room” and use the settings to conform the “template room” to the room in your home.

Using this tool lowers the chance of overlooked measurements, color schemes, and the overall stress of worrying about the “perfect fit”.

In the event you cannot get access to a Virtual Furniture Planner, here are some tips to help you acquire maximum Feng Shui in your furniture without the hassle.

Small Living Room

If the space in your living room is considered small, here are three objectives that you should keep in mind when arranging or re-arranging the furniture.

* The Illusion of Height

Small spaces, in general, diminishes our vision in that area. It is for this reason why adding tall pieces of furniture to a small living room will add visual height thus creating a visual illusion of depth and height to that room.

* Spaciousness

Small living rooms undoubtedly come with limited space, so it is understandable why furnishing a room of minimal magnitude is deemed a difficult task. Worry no longer for the solution is literally a sentence away. When maximizing the space in your small living room, be sure to offset counter pieces and coffee tables in order to open more room in the walkway.

Doing this will not only create a fuller and enlightened look in your living room, but it will simultaneously invite a convenience in terms of mobility, comfort, and peace for you and your guests.

* Decorations

Decorating goes beyond birthday parties and other celebratory occasions, however, the skills one would use to decorate a graduation party or even a baby shower can also be applied to decorating a small living room.

Before decorating, one should recognize the preferred style and appearance that is desired for the living room. Once that is established, the possibilities in terms of decoration are endless. For starters, utilizing mirrors and wall art is the perfect way to minimize naked walls and display expressions of passion throughout the entire living room. If this is done successfully, your living room alone will have your guests mesmerized and in awe of the unity and balance displayed in your home.

Large Living Room

Furnishing a Large Living Room can be just as overwhelming as furnishing a small living room. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Here are some key objectives to help you furnish your large living room like a boss.

* Front and Center

One way to successfully accomplish this goal is to arrange your furniture in the front and center of your living room. Doing this will shift the focus of your guests to one place in your living room and leave no room for wandering and confused guests.

* The Magic Rug

If you are thinking about auditioning for the role of Aladdin or maybe dreaming about skipping traffic after reading the subtitle, it is with great pleasure to inform you that magic rugs do exist, but not in the way you think.

Rugs indeed have the magical ability to bring a large room together which is why using a Large Area Rug is the perfect way to establish the body of your living room.

* Final Touches

Last, but not least, another thing to enhance the fullness of your living room is to add extra seating and storage along the walls around the living room. For example, you could add an extra chair or even a chair and a half to seat more guests. One could even add an elegant china cabinet to display family heirlooms or any prized pieces of china.

No matter the combination you choose, if you follow these objectives accordingly, there is no doubt that your living room will be the talk of the 21st century.

Long & Narrow Living Rooms

Some of you may be wondering about living rooms that are unique in architectural design. Let all your wondering come to an end and look at these helpful objectives that will surely help you get the upper hand in home decoration.

* The Long and Narrow Path

As the subtitle suggests, whenever you arrange furniture for a long and narrow living room, you always want to keep walkable spaces between furniture. One can achieve this by keeping the foot traffic concentrated in one area. This will eliminate awkward maneuvers in motion and will also simplify the flow of traffic all together.

* Hearth and Home

One of the most helpful accessories to have in your living room is indeed a fireplace. If you have a fireplace in your living room, you can easily set up seating around the fireplace. Doing this will create that warm, family-friendly environment as you and your guests cozy up and enjoy smores or even story-telling.

Even if you do not have a fireplace, all you have to do is choose a focal point in your living room and arrange your furniture around that spot. Applying both tips will make your long and narrow living room visually balanced and family oriented.

Now that we have mastered the art of incorporating balance, it is time to add another special skill to your bag of tricks. No one said the road to mastering the ultimate Feng Shui would be easy, but it would be our pleasure to show you how to capture a vivacious citrus essence to even a low-key mellow-dramatic atmosphere.

Without further ado, let’s explore some helpful tips on how to arrange your furniture for different Bedroom types.



Arranging your furniture for your bedroom can be a great way to explore different styles to accentuate on the mood you desire to display. Whether you decide to show your love for the South or Romantic styles through traditional Latin styles, if you follow these tips, the bedroom of your dreams will be within your reach.

    1. The Game Plan

One of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting pieces for your bedroom or any room in your home is to be mindful of the dimensions. Being fully aware of the length, width, and height of the product that catches your eye is important because you want to avoid any and all mishaps that occur when one ignores the dimensions of the product, the entryways, the hallways and so on. 

    • Checkmate

It doesn’t take a chess prodigy to know that the placement is key. It’s for that reason why you should start with the placement of your bed because the bed, regardless of its size, will act as the focal point of the bedroom. Once you have placed your bed, then you can begin placing complimentary furniture pieces like an office desk, nightstand or drawer dresser. Just keep in mind that everything will fall into place once the centerpiece is in its correct position.

    • Lie at Anchor

Rugs and Anchors are the objects to have the least in common, however, when it comes to arranging and decorating your bedroom, rugs are the perfect filler piece to bring out the hidden details in your bedroom.


Now that the preliminaries have been established, let’s explore a few common types of bedrooms and how to arrange and decorate your furniture accordingly.


Square Room


    • It’s a Kind of Magic

What if there was a magical item to create the home of your dreams? An item more influential than a Benjamin yet overlooked like the copper penny.  This “magical” item may not have any fictional power, but any Tall storage like an armoire or gentlemen’s chest will add height to the room.  

Window Facing

Bedrooms with windows seem difficult to decorate and furnish. If the window is seen as a burden to you, here are some tips on how to conquer the art of furnishing a window-facing bedroom.

    • Window Dressing

If you plan on opening the window in your bedroom, placing your bed underneath it may seem a logical decision when trying to arrange your bedroom.  If you ever come across this thought at any point in time, DON’T DO IT! The reason why placing your bed under a functional window is highly disapproved is because it creates an uncomfortable draft, and no one wants to feel distressed in your own home.

As a solution, one should instead place their bed far from the door and facing the window. This will permit the natural sunlight to embrace every space and entity in your bedroom.


Small Bedroom

                        Arranging furniture for a small bedroom while trying to embrace a minimalist style or simply trying to live can seem complex for a room so small. No matter your circumstance, here are some tips to help you make the most out of a small situation.

    • Up Against the Wall

As mentioned previously, when arranging furniture, you always want to place your bed first and then surround it with complementary furniture items. The same principle still applies for small bedrooms regardless of the style one is attempting to portray.

One tip for placing your bed in your small bedroom is to place the bed along the longest wall in the room. Doing this will accommodate the physique of the bed while also providing space for other entities around the room.

    • It Takes Two (or maybe more…)

Now that the bed has been placed, the next step is the placement of bedroom furniture. One of the main pieces one must consider placing first is the dresser or media center.

 One of the best places to put a dresser or media center is directly across from the bed. This will bring ease and simplicity when associating your needs with different areas in your room.

Another tip to keep in mind is utilizing small free-standing furniture for extra seating. A good vanity stool or even a bedroom bench will come in handy for kicking off your shoes after a long stressful day o the job.

    • Wall Outlets

Lastly, when placing and arranging your furniture in your small bedroom or any room of any magnitude, you always want to be mindful of wall outlets. This is a crucial detail that will impact how you arrange your furniture. After all, you never want your table lamp to act as a floor lamp or have your TV act as the foundation for your media center.


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