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How to Buy the TV Stand of Your Dreams (Faster than You Ever Imagined)

31 Aug

How to Buy the TV Stand of Your Dreams (Faster than You Ever Imagined)

Watching television is more enjoyable, and less of a headache if you have a stand housing everything related to your entertainment media. This includes not only your television, but also your other equipment in addition to its cables, remote controls and memory banks. This is why you should buy the perfect TV stand for your needs, keeping the following points into consideration.


How to Buy the TV Stand of Your Dreams (Faster than You Ever Imagined)


1. Breathing space

Your television console should not only be big enough to house all your equipment, but also have sufficient breathing space, lest it ends up overheated. So make sure there’s enough space to accommodate all the devices, with airflow.

2. Cable clutter

Your equipment brings with it its related cable clutter, with so many cables connecting the different pieces of equipment to wall sockets. While closed TV consoles do keep all the cables tucked away, you need sufficient holes for proper wire management.

Thinner cables are always better because they don’t need big holes. However speaker wires tend to take up lots of space, which has to be kept in mind. One probable solution for this is TV stands with an open back that do not restrict your system wires much. However it is always tidier and better to keep the wires organized using Velcro or zip-ties if you opt for this.

3. Equipment in the stand

You have to consider the equipment you plan to place in the stand to make sure it will accommodate all of it. And as there is a chance of your upgrading the television future in life, and as upgraded versions tends to get bigger, you may also need to keep this point in mind.

If your dream television is a wide 40-50” TV, then it is important that the stand’s structural support be strong enough to support it. Flimsy wooden stands tend to bend to the television’s and amplifier’s weight.

This is why a console with a glass stand is a better and stronger option, as long as there is minimal foot traffic around it! The TV console should be wider than the TV’s display to prevent an unnecessary overhang, especially if you plan to keep the stand in the middle of the room.

4. Remote controls

With most electronics still using infrared eyes to receive remote signals, your remote may need to see the electronics to work. If this is the case, then it is better to buy a TV stand with darkened glass doors which the remote signal can pass through instead of wooden cabinet doors.

Some television consoles come with a mounting bracket which makes the TV “float”, and consequently, don’t use up much surface area. So it’s worth keeping this in mind if you will be mounting your television on it. Flat-screen TVs usually come with a base for even weight distribution. However, there is also the chance of your bumping into the display if it’s a small stand.

5. Formidable viewing height

It is not practical or advised to always have to crane our head for uncomfortable hours while watching your favourite show or movie. This can be avoided by choosing a TV stand that positions the screen at eye level. 

While the recommended height is about 42 inches, you have to decide based on your sofa or chair height, and of course your height! It may be a wise decision to buy a TV stand with a mount. It offers the benefit of letting you adjust the display level if necessary.

6. Room shape and size

Don’t let a small or irregularly shaped room prevent you from buying your dream TV. You just have to look for the ideal TV console that will carry your TV and other equipment, and still leave you with sufficient movement space.

You could perhaps go for a swivel stand to position your TV at the right viewing angle. Or you could buy a corner console that lets you fit a huge display in a compact spot. Another alternative is buying a wall mount TV stand which frees up space in front of your seat for better movement.

If you think that you don’t actually require a TV console if you will be mounting it on the wall, you are wrong. You will need it to store your other equipment, and it anyway adds to the room’s storage capacity.

7. Style

It’s always better to look for a TV console that blends with your room decor because mixing styles only confuses the decor. Television stands come with different decorative elements ranging from units with round bases to something asymmetrically shaped or with staggered shelves.

It’s left to you to find something befitting your room. Something in simple geometric lines and open shelves blends well with contemporary space while dark solids and clean lines go well with the transitional decor.

TV stands colored light gray or pale neutrals make the room look bright and spacious while something in richly stained wood, ornamental detailing and thick frames look well in traditional rooms.

8. Material

Television stands are generally available in five materials, glass, metal, particle board, and wood and medium-density fibreboard. Of the lot, metal, wood and veneered plywood consoles are the longest lasting and remain stable even if you have pets and children playing around.

It’s true that glass TV stands are also durable with its reinforced metal supports. However, they last longer without cracks only if used in low-traffic households. Medium-density fibreboard and particle board are cheaper than wood and durable enough to sustain daily use. They, however, are not that long-lasting in build.

Now that you know how to choose the best TV stand, you can finally buy the best unit to house your coveted dream television. Remember, these consoles are useful for not only holding your TV, but also provides for additional storage in the living room. You can now keep all your remotes and equipment neat and organized in it instead of creating a mess in the living room.

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