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How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

06 Sep

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table

It’s no doubt that the dining table is the focal point of your home as it’s usually the only one place everyone sits together to talk and discuss things over food. The dining table is where you have your meals, and as they say, families that eat together stay together. 

This is possible only if you have the right dining table which comfortably seats everyone. This is why you can’t just move ahead and buy one. You need to do your share of research so that you find the table that best fits your dining room and family. Here are the important features to bear in mind while looking for the best dining table.


How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table


1. Size

One important feature is the size of your room. There’s no point in buying a huge table if you have a small room. And a small table will not look proportional in a big dining room. This is why you have to buy your table based on the size of your dining room.

  • If you don’t have much space, then it’s better to look for a table that’s square or round in shape. These tables comfortably seat four to six people
  • If it’s a large room you have, that you should go looking for a rectangular or oval-shaped dining table. These tables can easily seat at least twelve people, and even more.
  • If you have a large room, have parties often, but regularly have only four of you eating at the table, then it’s better to look for an extendable dining table. These tables or tables with self-storing panels can be extended to accommodate more people if and when required.

2. Shape

You can also buy the table based on shape.

  • The most classic, and popular shape is a rectangular table. It is popular because of its beauty and functionality which is why it plays the ideal host for any gathering.
  • Round and oval dining table sets are favorites as space-savers. This makes them an ideal choice for use in small spaces. Most of them can also be extended if you have a guest over for dinner.
  • Square dining tables are the best for hosting four to six people at a go. They also look great and offer proper proportion in long and narrow rooms.

3. Style

Style is not necessarily an important feature to consider while selecting your dining table unless you are particular about mainlining the look or decor in your room. You mainly have three dining table styles to choose from:

  • Classic country style dining tables are one of the most common types of tables available at online furniture stores. This is because buyers know they are usually made of tough wood like oak or pine and are sturdy, stable and comfortable enough for everyday use. They also give your dining room area a more vintage farmhouse look with its uncomplicated designs. 
  • Most of these tables come with elegantly turned tables supporting the tabletop. The two most common country styles you can choose between are the upmarket, French colonial tables or rustic, English county farmhouse table.
  • Traditional style dining tables give a classic feel, thanks to its rich and dark finish. It’s usually made of walnut or mahogany and comes with a fine coating. They are also popularly used for formal entertaining and for Thanksgiving dinners.
  • Contemporary dining tables can be made of wood, metal or glass. They are great for urban living and as they are sophisticated and refined in style, they are ideal for use in adult-focused meals.

4. Material

The material is another essential feature to remember while choosing dining tables.

  • The most versatile option is tables made of wood like softwood, hardwood or composite wood. They are popular because they offer maximum versatility for crafting, and are both long-lasting and attractive. Always opt for solid wood tables made from hardwood like mahogany, walnut, oak, teak or maple.

    Hardwood is a better choice because it is sturdy enough to endure years of dining and party wear and tear. Tables made using engineered or composite woods like plywood and MDF may be economically priced and durable but are not as strong as hardwood.

  • Dining tables with glass tops are ideal for homes that carry a contemporary style. They give the room a modern, airy and elegant look and are also rather easy to clean. They easily blend into most decor themes. 

       Besides, its reflective surface makes it a great choice for spaces that require some brightness and light. Glass dining tables are also relatively tough because they are made using tempered safety glass, which is scratch and heat resistant, and doesn’t shatter easily if knocked over.

  • Metal dining tables fit well into industrial or modern dining spaces. They are not only modern to look at but are also strong, durable, and weather resistant and cool to the touch.
  • Dining tables crafted from quality marble are indeed beautiful and impressive and has a timeless appeal that ensures it’s always in fashion. However, it does have its share of drawbacks too.It’s rather bulky and heavy in size and needs some added maintenance base the marble may crack and stain. The best way to avoid stains is to keep it covered at all times with a tablecloth or placemats, which also hide the beauty of marble.

5. Portability

Last, but not least, if you are frequently changing homes, then it’s better to look for a dining table that’s easy to transport. Heavy tables made with marble or metal can be difficult to transport every time you relocate. There’s also the risk of marble tables getting cracked or broken in transit. 

You may consider looking for a wooden table with removable legs if you are always on the move. Another option is the less sturdy, but lightweight plywood table which can be flat-packed and assembled as required at home. You can easily dismantle these tables and move as required. Besides, these tables look great in modern or contemporary styled homes. 

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