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How to Make Your Recliner Sofa Serve You For Many Years

02 Aug

How to Make Your Recliner Sofa Serve You For Many Years


The sofa is where most people cuddle up and relax with a cup of coffee and a book, watch a movie with friends or even take their afternoon naps. This is what makes the sofa an important and integral piece of furniture for any home. If you have always used a traditional sectional sofa, you can now try experimenting with something different but just as comfortable, in the form of a recliner sofa.

Recliner sofas are just what the name suggests- sofas that recline. So they not only give you a recliner like feel but have sufficient space for the entire family to use as a normal sofa. Recliner sofas don’t come cheap but will last quite a few years, especially if you maintain it well.

You may find some stores offering recliners at lower prices, but it’s better to check on its quality before buying one as only the good quality ones are worth investing in. If you are buying your recliner sofa online, then it’s better to deal with a reliable and trustworthy furniture store. 

Go through their customer reviews and check the store’s online rating before placing an order. Most online stores have huge showrooms which you can even visit and take a look at the furniture before buying buy anything.

Once you buy your recliner sofa, is it a microfiber, leather, wood or upholstery recliner, it’s important that you maintain it well using the right equipment and products. Remember, maintaining recliner sofas aren’t really difficult, as long as you follow the following tips and steps.

1. Care for leather recliners

The most important thing to remember about leather recliner sofas is that it should not be exposed to direct sunlight much. This is because too much of direct sunlight on the surface only makes the leather brittle and susceptible to splitting and cracking. Sofas that have been used for more than 20 years face the risk of cracking even if exposed to sunlight for short periods of time.

The recliner has to be regularly dusted, and if you use a vacuum cleaner, do your dusting using a small brush attachment. It prevents any possible scouring of the surface. Any and all spills have to be cleared instantly using a soft and dry cloth. Make sure you don’t rub the spill in but instead, just blot it dry.

You’ll have to apply some leather conditioner onto the recliner sofa at least once in two months to maintain its shine. These conditioners are easily available at a hardware or furniture store. 

It’s always better and safer to read instructions before using the conditioner. And before applying, try dabbing a small amount of it to a rag cloth and test on an unnoticeable part of the leather. This is to find out if the leather reacts to it, or if it’s safe to use. Any conditioner has to be applied only after you have vacuumed, dusted and brushed off debris from the leather recliner sofa.

2.  Microfiber recliner care

Microfiber recliners are comparatively easier to maintain than the leather counterparts. You just need a soft cloth and the recommended cleaning solution to remove and clean spills. You need to use specific cleaning solutions because some microfibers need to be cleaned using water-based cleaners and others using solvent-based cleaners. 

As usual, you need to vacuum the cloth or fabric finish recliner regularly, at least once a week to prevent any food, dirt, and dust from accumulating inside the frame. If the odor is a problem like sweat or food odors on the recliner sofa, there are spray solutions that can help at camouflaging it.

Another option is to apply some sweat-resistant spray onto the sofa. The benefit of this is that it prevents the recliner sofa from getting dirty and smelling of sweat over time. You can make the microfiber last even longer by wiping and deep cleaning the fabric using a soap solution. 

3.  Wood recliner maintenance

Wood recliners also need regular dusting to prevent any accumulation of dust on it. While a mixture of soap and water is more than enough to clean wood recliners, wax and polish will prove helpful in making the wood look really classy.

In case you opt to use a spray wax or polish, squeeze it onto a cloth first, instead of directly spraying it onto the recliner. This reduces the chances of any scratching of the surface. It’s always safer to try new products in an inconspicuous area first so that any reactions to the product aren’t visible.

How to maintain the recliner’s mechanical parts

It’s not advisable to wait only until the recliner starts making noise to oil it. The mechanism needs regular oiling to work well and smoothly without. The absence of oil may end up with the recliner sofa damaged, where it will no longer recline.

The manufacturer’s manual will have instructions on determining how often you have to oil its mechanism. Follow this schedule as too much oiling only makes things messy.

Additional recliner sofa care tips

  • Always open and extend the recliner fully before vacuuming so that you can reach into the folds to remove debris, food or any other items which may reach there.
  • It’s always worth placing slipcovers on the recliner sofas as it minimizes the chances of it getting damaged by scratches or spills. As all materials, including leather can get easily punctured or holes, always make sure there’s nothing sharp near the recliner. 
  • Any spills have to be first wiped dry using a dry cloth as it absorbs maximum moisture. This helps the spill from seeping into the fabric or leather and damaging it. 
  • While recliner sofas are rather strong, it’s better to avoid putting too much weight on them. Excess weight may only end up damaging the sofa’s frame and spring coils. Similarly, you should use the recliner sofa as it’s meant to be used, without any over-reclining or overusing mechanisms.
  • Now that you know how to take care of your prized recliner sofa, you can use it to its maximum potential for many years to come. 

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