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Kitchen Island: Much More Than Extra Storage Space

29 Aug

Space can become a constraint in a kitchen, especially if it is a small one. You just do not seem to find enough space to store your cooking essentials like utensils and ingredients, and you also need space for cooking. This is when a kitchen island proves to be a helpful piece of furniture to a homemaker. 

They are called kitchen islands because they are freestanding pieces of cabinetry accessible from all sides. They are used to supplement countertop space and to increase the cooking area’s preparation space. There are no fixed or limited dimensions as you have to choose one based on the available work space.

They are ideal for not only providing some extra storage space through its drawers, shelves and some extra working space; it also helps improve the cooking area’s aesthetics and design.


Kitchen Island: Much More Than Extra Storage Space 


Additional working space

Extra space is the most common reason for a person to invest in a kitchen island. The right unit may be just what you need if your available space is smaller than required for all your storage and cooking needs.

It is always better and more beneficial to you if you get a unit with drawers and cabinets to store all your cutlery, knives and other most used kitchen appliances and amenities. You can also install a hanging rack from the ceiling, above the counter space, to use for pots and pans.

If you plan to do most of you cooking preparation like chopping vegetables on its surface, then it is better to look for something that has a provision to place a bin under it for convenient waste disposal while cooking. This way the bin does not interfere with the rest of the cooking preparation area.

And if you have an oven, but there seems to be insufficient space for it, you can always install a stove top on its countertop. You can decide how big or small you want it to be, and have it placed it in easy access while you prepare meals.

Temporary and not permanent fixture

Another benefit or reason to invest in a kitchen island is that it is not a permanent fixture. You can place it wherever it is convenient in your cooking area to prepare food or to serve food to your family members. Though it may not be a permanently fixed piece of furniture, it is still rather durable, and strong enough to endure heavy-duty cooking.

The countertop of this furniture is also very convenient to place all your everyday appliances and amenities on it, out in the open and within easy reach. If permissible, you can also have a prep sink fitted into it for easier and more convenient meal preparation.

Additional dining space

In case the cooking area is large enough and permits it, you can also use the unit to double up as additional dining space. Of course, these cost a bit more, but the additional seating space it provides makes it a worthy investment, especially if you frequently have guests over. Besides, guests tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable conversing and dining here than in formal dining rooms!

Available in various sizes

Kitchen islands come in various sizes and shapes for you to choose from so that it fits into your available work space and budget. It is always better to check its measurements to ensure it fits your cooking space, especially if you plan to buy one online.

Other factors worth considering are the color and size, to ensure you buy the best unit for your cookery. It’s good to know that it is not absolutely necessary that the island matches your existing countertop or cabinet colors or textures.

It is always safe and permissible to experiment and try out an island that has a different material or color from the rest of the furniture. This way it becomes the center of attraction in the cooking area, which is perfect if it is also going to serve as additional seating.

However, if you are looking for something with a more seamless appearance, then it is better to look for something with countertops and cabinet stain colors that match the rest of the kitchenette.

Increased aesthetics

Not only are the design and functionality of an island interesting, its surface materials also pitch in to improve your kitchen aesthetics. They come in various surface materials, with their individual advantages.

The units that have stainless steel or granite surfaces are durable, heat resistant and easily cleaned, making it low in maintenance. Granite, quartz and marble surfaces tend to add a touch of sophistication to the surroundings.

While granite does seem to be the ideal choice for its looks and features, it is a more expensive option than other materials. However, it is a good choice to make as it does help improve the cooking area’s overall value. This, in turn, can prove to be an added advantage or perk for you if you have plans of reselling your home in the near future.

Keeps kids entertained

Kitchen islands are not only useful to you, but also to your kids. They can use the extra space as a homework zone or if they are interested in cooking, they’ll love using the countertops to help with your meal preparation. You can also make mealtime with kids more interactive and convenient by letting them have their food on the countertop, while you carry along with your work, and keep an eye on them.

So you see, a kitchen island is indeed a worthy investment for a homeowner. You can use it for its additional storage options, for meal preparation as it is easily accessed from all sides and last, but not least, this furniture offers additional seating space while improving the aesthetics of your cooking area. Just make sure you find one that fits your budget, the available kitchen space and is made of easily maintained and durable materials.


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