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Maximalism 101: Redesign Your Teenager’s Room

15 Aug
If anyone loves spending time in a single room, it’s most likely your teenager who is constantly retreating to their quarters. However, don’t let their bedroom become a closed-off lair that’s far removed from plain sight. Thanks to 2019’s bold new trend of maximalism, you can let your kid share their personality while still infusing the room with plenty of modern touches. Combining everything from walls of books to vintage accents, this increasingly popular approach is all about being big and seen. Don’t be scared—use this step-by-step guide to create a flair-filled personal space you and your growing teen will both love!

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1. Begin with Strong Foundation Items

Every bedroom starts with a set of strong foundation items, including a bed frame, nightstand, chest of drawers, mirror, and bookshelf. These central pieces will star as the core of your teenager’s newly redesigned room. A dark, sleek set like the Granite Falls Bedroom (1) from Exclusive Furniture will tee up the room perfectly. Ramp up the industrial design even further by adding a Starmoore Bookcase (7), boasting a sturdy walnut-tone finish with a blackened gunmetal frame. Once these are on the way, you’ll be ready to dive into some of the fun details of decorating!

2. Make A Bold Statement

Since maximalism is all about audacity, try adding a wall mural like some of the fantastic pieces found online. You can even customize the exact width and height down to the inch. The black and white image shown adds vintage charm while paying homage to classic football action. Browse hundreds of other wall murals to find the perfect fit for your teenager. Fill in the remaining walls with a bold color that doesn’t even need more hanging art. An adventurous but calming Hale Navy color will never go out of style.

3. Shake Things Up with Mixed Textures

Mixing textures will add another dose of vividness to the overall appearance of the room. Solid color bedding is a great option since you’ll be able to opt for a timeless color like gray which will pave the way for changing other small details that are sure to pop. Nothing quite steals a scene like an eye-catching set of pillows either. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of pillowcases, including leather, canvas, and plush materials sure to dazzle.

4. Carefully Craft a Study Space

Every teenager needs a space for studying, and the more thought put into this section of the room means it’s more likely to get some use. Try setting up a 2 Drawer Writing Desk (8) from Exclusive Furniture, along with an Ashbury Leather Chair (6) for reading. Keep in mind, laying out rooms to allow in plenty of natural light is always a great idea; choose a Metal Floor Lamp (9) which will look fantastic even when not in use. Making a DIY chalkboard for this study area too would not only be practical but also look cool.

5. Bring it Home with Self-Expressions

If you’re on board so far with building out this maximalist theme, remember that your teenager might be proud of his or her school colors. No matter what that palette holds, the beauty of maximalism lies in how any color can easily be integrated. Throw in a personalized touch with a custom blanket or pillow from the Teecycleshop on Etsy (4). If you’ve set up the Starmoore bookcase, fill it with display trophies or framed black and white pictures of sports photoshoots, preferably from your teen’s own games.

Done! Enjoy the Personal Pride of Maximalism

Despite the fact that minimalists love to tout the phrase “less is more,” isn’t it safe to agree the philosophy “more is more” makes far more sense? There’s only one thing left to do after following the five steps outlined above: let your teenager enjoy the newly customized space! If you have no idea where to start, Exclusive Furniture has local design experts who are enthusiastic about lending advice. Drop by one of their 8 Houston-area locations for some inspiration, but if you want to keep on browsing just take a look at their pinterest board here:


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