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Manufacturer part number: IHX-BEECHST-PLUSHQNMATT.EXCF10
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Enjoy peaceful sleeping on this Sealy Beech Street plush queen mattress. Delivering durability, all-over support, and comfort, this mattress offers the perfect balance for effortless sleep. Posturepedic Technology provides easy support that targets the heaviest parts of your body. Response Pro Encased Coil System features 910 hourglass-shaped coils that are encased to allow each coil to move independently for targeted support and a more usable sleep surface. The plush design offers a soft, cradling feel.

Comfortable Snooze
  • Plush feel offers a soft-to-the-touch surface with a light and airy feel, without sinking
  • Plush design is ideal for people with smaller frames
  • Hybrid design combines layers of foam and coils for easy support and a soft feel
  • SealyCushion Air Foam adds softness, comfort, and airflow

Soft Support

  • Posturepedic Technology uses dense memory foam to target the heaviest part of your body and delivers reinforced support where you need it most
  • Response Pro Encased Coils System features 910 hourglass-shaped coils with a dual-stage design
  • Coils are encased to allow each coil to move independently for targeted support and reduced motion transfer
  • DuraFlex Edge System is a high-density flexible coil border surrounding the mattress for better edge support

Cooling Feel

  • SealyCushion Air Foam is formed with peaks and valleys to allow additional airflow
  • SealyCool Gel Foam adds cooling, durable support
ComfortLoft Cover is a soft knit fabric with durable spun yarns featuring MoistureProtect to draw moisture away from your body for a cooling comfort This Includes:

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Regularly Vacuum

Regularly Vacuum your fabric furniture to remove dust, hair and dirt to avoid premature wear. All furniture needs to be cleaned and maintained to keep it looking beautiful. Any excess pet hair found on furniture voids manufacturer’s warranty.

Maintain Cushions

Maintain Cushions, pillow-top seats, back cushions, and accent pillows by fluffing them weekly. Hand fluffing is necessary to avoid premature wear & helps to maintain shape. Zippered poly cores may be fluffed in a dryer on a “no heat” setting. Cushions may feel firm at first and will soon soften over time with use.

Comfort Winkles

Comfort Winkles, are built in to provide the necessary “give” so seat cushions may respond. Gathers are sewn in certain areas to complement the design adding depth, dimension and balance. Wrinkles can be expected on any fabric or leather.

Fabric Pilling

Fabric Pilling, little balls of fuzz on fabric, is normal and occurs with us as extra fibers are moved to the surface by friction. They can easily be removed with small fabric shaver.
Fabric Characteristics, may change the appearance of upholstery due to the weight, fiber, content and nap of the fabric. Chenille fabrics may show highlights and shading due to softer yarns. Variations may occur in plats, tucks, skirts and seams as each piece is hand tailored.
Leather Characteristics such as scars, wrinkles, and brand marks are typical hallmarks of authentic leathers. These natural markings add to the character and beauty of the leathers. Every piece is different.

Color Variations

Variations in Marble and Stone occur as a result of natural formations. There may be color, shade and pattern variations with a table style . The variations are not a defect, they are the character and beauty of each natural piece.

Variations in Wood such as color, grain patterns, knots, and other natural markings add beauty & character to the wood furniture pieces, they are not defects. Color can vary from piece to piece.

Variations in Metal Table Bases such as: Steel cast iron and antique brass will occur as result of the hand-crafted manufacturing process. Weld beads, texture surfaces and variations in color finishing techniques give distinctiveness to every table.

Distressed Wood

Distress/Rustic Wood Surfaces may show small gouges, worm holes, marks, indentations and/or surface cracks in the wood. These add character and distinction in the design of each piece and are not considered to be defects.


Mechanical Noises may occur during the use of reclining pieces due to the normal operation if mechanical parts. Seasonal squeaks may develop and pass with changes in the temperature and humidity.

Adjustable Doors and feet on tables, entertainment centers provide ease if alignment and allow for variations in flooring materials. Change in alignment may be caused by changes in temperature and humidity as wood contracts and expands.


Leather upholstery should be dusted weekly with a lint-free cloth. Blots spills immediately with distilled water and a soft cotton cloth. You should avoid cleaning your leather furniture with ant types of chemical, sprays, oils, polishes or bleach infused wipes. These can damage your leather furniture. A dry or damp cloth with luke-warm water is all you need to clean your leather furniture.
Check tags on your leather pieces to see what to avoid.
W-Spot cleans this fabric with only foam of a water-based cleaning agent.
S-cleaning should be performed by a professional cleaning service, using a solvent-based cleaning agent. X-Clean only by vacuuming or light brushing with a non-metallic brush. Do NOT use water or solvent-based cleaners.
Printed Materials such as magazines, newspapers, and even books can bleed onto leather furniture when left in contact. It’s best to avoid leaving items on your leather furniture for an extended period of time.

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