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The Complete Buying Guide for Home Office Furniture

16 Sep

Working from home is a common practice nowadays which an increasing number of people practice. Most of the time people start working with whatever equipment and furniture they have and don’t bother or think that they have to invest in some home office furniture.

Many a time it is the feel and looks of home office furniture in your room that increases your work commitment and productivity. You tend to get reminded that you are in ‘work mode’ at home, and cannot afford to waste time or procrastinate.

Besides, sometimes the existing furniture you have at home may not be comfortable or right for your work. It may, in turn, lead to complications like back; wrist and neck ache because it is not ergonomically designed and meant to be used as office furniture.


The Complete Buying Guide for Home Office Furniture


Factors to consider

The remedy to all these problems lies in investing in some decent and affordable home office furniture. However with so many types and styles available in the market today, you wonder how you can actually select the best furnishings for your home. This is where this guide helps by mentioning the factors to consider for the best office furniture for your home.

Amount of available space

You have to start your search by first assessing and ascertaining how much of space you have for it. There’s no point in randomly buying chairs, filing cabinets and desks without measuring the amount of available space. You may end up buying much more or bigger furniture that the room or space can accommodate.

It’s true that you have a commercial-style office layout in mind, and want to buy your furniture accordingly. However, unfortunately, most rooms that are converted into home offices are tight in space.

Instead of picturing more furniture in the available space than possible, it’s better to first take measurements so that you know what, and how big furniture you can afford to fit into your home office.

It is also better if you measure the width of your home office doorway so that you know the furniture you buy will go through it. There is nothing more disappointing than spending a fortune on your furniture, only to find that you can’t get it into the office, or use it.

Comfort and function

As you will obviously be spending lots of time working at home, it is important that you place emphasis on the comfort and functionality in the office furniture. This means that you have to look for furniture that is of the right size and comfort for you.

If you are tall and have a big build, then look for a big and tall chair that will comfortably fit you. Buying standard sized chairs will not be a wise investment because you will not be comfortable while sitting for prolonged periods in them.

If you work entails sitting for long periods at the desk, you could perhaps consider buying an adjustable height model where you can occasionally work while standing to minimize strain and discomfort while maximizing comfort.

Correct placement

It is always better to lay out a diagram of how you plan to place office furniture after taking measurements of the available space. Think about the type of tasks you will be performing most of the time, and accordingly lay out the furniture.

If you tend to reach out for file folders most of the time, buy a file cabinet which fits someplace near your office desk. Similarly, your table and chair should complement each other so that you feel comfortable while sitting in them, even for prolonged hours. There is no point in buying a chair that is too high for your desk or vice versa.


Furniture made of solid wood or wood veneer is usually the most desirable and attractive looking. It gives a more upscale look to your office than furniture made using any other materials.

However, they may not be a viable choice if you have children at home. There is a high chance of your children using the furniture, and it undergoing some abuse in the long run. This is where laminate or metal home office furniture makes a better choice.

Then again, if you are designing your office based on the other furniture and decor in your home, then you may consider buying laminate and metal furniture if you want a more modern or contemporary look.

If you are not that particular about the interior decor and want something comfortable, then perhaps an ergonomic and comfortable chair with a contemporary, wooden desk makes the best basic combination. You can then add other furniture like file cabinets and additional chairs as you feel appropriate to your looks.

Readymade or ready-to-assemble

There are two main types of home office furniture today. They are furniture that’s sold readymade or assembled which you can start using immediately, and ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture which needs some assembling before you can start using it. Both have their individual advantages and disadvantages which you have to consider before making the final choice.

When you look for durability, the factory assembled pieces are more durable because they are glued, dowelled and constructed with corner block construction. This makes the furniture more rugged than the cam-lock construction of RTA furniture.

However, the problem is that sometimes, you may find it difficult getting this furniture through the small doorways of home offices. This is where RTA furniture has an advantage because it’s characteristic flat packing means it easily fits through any doorway. The only

problem is that it requires some assembling once inside the office, and you may not be able to start using it immediately.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to consider your budget. Buy furniture within your budget because you have to actually add this to your home business expenses. In other words, the furniture should be a worthy investment for your business, and not an additional burden or unnecessary expense.

Now that you have things sorted out, you can go ahead and look for the right office furniture for your home office that befits your office, budget, and comfort.

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