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The Right Throw Pillows Can Entirely Change a Room

10 Sep

One of the best, easiest and most cost-effective means to add some color and spice to any room is by changing the throw pillows. Yes, pillows of a different material and color or tone can give a completely different look and feel to the room.

However there are so many materials, shapes, textures, sizes and colors to choose from, you may need a little help in selecting the right pillows for your room. This is where this mini buying guide should prove helpful.

Choose your pillows keeping the following principles in mind:



The Right Throw Pillows Can Entirely Change a Room


1. Size

The size of the pillow is something you need to consider because the right sized pillows create a sense of style and comfort for your room. Standard pillows are square in shape and measure about 18 inches per side. These pillows look great on your average sized sofa.

There are also larger, oversized pillows that measure 24 inches or more, and are ideal to create a casual and lounge-like feel to a room. Experts generally suggest buying pillows spanning 16 inches to place on modern sofas with very low backs.


2. Shapes

As mentioned above, square is the traditional shape for throw pillows on sofas and chairs. However this does not imply that you have to stick to it. There are different options which you can use like circular, boudoir, double boudoir and neck roll pillows.


3. Concept

Like any other piece of decor, many people also choose their throw pillows based on the concept they want to create. If it is a traditional look you want to create, and then choose four large pillows in perhaps silk or velvet. They create a classic feel, especially if you place two pillows on each side of the sofa, for added symmetry.

If it is a modern look you are looking for, then you need an odd number of pillows like three or five. It is in fact better to have a few large pillows, instead of numerous smaller ones, while sticking to a limited color palette with a few geometrical prints and tightly woven fabrics. You create a sense of uniformity to the room by placing one on a chair, and a few pillows on a standard sofa.

If you want to create an eclectic look, then you could try playing with colors and sizes. Just remember to use smaller sized pillows in a common color because they help tie the room together. You can however create a bohemian feel to the room by choosing 3-5 mixed fabric pillows.


4. Texture

It is also great to choose pillows that create a contrast with your upholstery. For example, you could select textured linen pillows to use against some smooth textured silk or leather upholstery.  And if you have a fuzzy couch, you could perhaps go for shiny pillows to add some warmth to the room.

Besides, there is no need to worry about the shiny pillows sliding off seats because the couch provides the necessary traction to keep it in place. Textures go a long way to adding ambience to the room. You could use velvet or faux fur textures to create a sophisticated look while linen and cotton help create a relaxed feel.


5. Choose and stick to a single cohesive color palette

While changing throw pillow colors will brighten and add life to the room, it does not mean you just randomly create a set of pillows. The biggest impact is created if you choose pillows in colors of the same shade, or at least choose complimentary shades. 


6. Maintain symmetry

No matter where you need pillows, it is always better to maintain a symmetrical arrangement. Things can get busy and cluttered when you layer different fabrics on top of each other. It is only a symmetrical arrangement that helps keep things in order.


7. One of each print

The best way to narrow down your options for throw pillows is by choosing not the same type of pillows, but to have one pillow each in solid, busy and simple prints.  The largest pillow should preferably be placed in front or center, and should have a busy or large print. 

This sets the tone for not only the pillow arrangement, but also for the rest of the room. The small prints on smaller pillows should preferably be something in plaids and stripes. The main thing to remember is to strike a balance where the bold central pillow is balanced by plaid or striped side pillows. 

However things may be different if you already have lots of patterns in the rug, curtains and sofa. This is when you should consider buying only pillows in bold solids in different vibrant colors.


8. Not too many

It’s true that you may get carried away and buy quite a few throw pillows for your upholstered furniture. But it’s better to not go overboard because the main purpose of having throw pillows in the first place is for added comfort. Too many of them will only make you feel uncomfortable. 


9. Buy extra pillow covers

While shopping for throw pillows, it’s always worth it buying a few extra covers. This way you can just change pillow covers if and when you feel your room or decor needs some refreshing.

Some people even buy extra covers to change according to the season. They prefer using cozier fabrics like velvet and faux fur for the cold winter months, and something in linen or cotton to use in hotter temperatures.

However all this is possible only if you buy throw pillows that have a zipper or button cover in the first place. Changing pillowcases is anytime better and easier bemuse its easier storing the covers than entire pillows in different seasons. 

So you see, there are so many things you need to keep in mind while looking for throw pillows. However if you choose right, you will certainly agree that throw pillows do go a long way in changing a room’s entire look and ambiance. 

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