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Wall Décor: Your Options and How it Benefits Your Home

15 Aug

Once you are done with the painting of your walls, shifting your belongings and arranging of your furniture there’s usually a wall or two that’s all barren. Though vertical, walls are space, and if utilized properly with the right wall décor, it can change the entire look of your room and home.

If you need help decorating your walls, this guide should help you choose appropriate wall décor pieces, and also show you how it can actually improve your home.


Wall Decor: Your Options and How It Benefits Your Home


Here are some wall décor options worth considering for your walls:

1.  Mirrors are always welcome on walls as they reflect light which helps make a small space seem bigger and brighter. You can either hang one single large mirror or alternatively hang numerous smaller pieces in a distinctive style.

2.  Instead of hanging just plain wall lights, why not hang some sculptural scones? Look for something eye-catching in design so that it both illuminates the room and adds style to it.

3.  Large-scale art like a huge painting or photograph is most instrumental at garnering your visitors’ attention. You can either hang a black-and-white photo in small spaces or hang something colorful for added vibrancy in the room.

4.  You can create a gallery wall which adds personality and color to your home. This is where you display your art collection, photographs, and exquisite wall décor pieces to add color and variety to the wall.

5.  Hanging a tapestry or wall hanging adds color and pattern, and a sense of softness to the room. You can even frame some vintage scarves or pretty textiles and hang it up. Something woven like your old macramé wall hangings will add texture, and warm up boring, lifeless walls.

6.  Painting a mural onto the wall just transports you to another world. It doesn’t matter if its hand painted or a wall covering because what’s important is the motif, which has a huge impact on your interior decor.

7.  If you are short of space, why not take your collection to the wall by installing floating shelves? They are perfect for displaying your hardcovers and any small art pieces or collectibles you have.

8.  You can even hang your favorite china on the wall to show it off. It’s always better than having them lie hidden in your cabinet. They are pretty safely hung using wire plate hangers. 

9.  Your plants need not be confined to the windowsill. You can also hang them on wall mounted planters to bring some nature and life to the room.

10.  Last, but not least, you can always install hooks or us a pegboard to show off some of your collective pieces like your hat collection in a cluster.

Unknown benefits of wall decor

You definitely wouldn’t have known that there are so many wall décor options to consider for your own. Of course, if you don’t have any other collections to show off on the walls, you can always visit some online furniture store to buy some of the beautiful wall décors they have.

Just like you weren’t aware of the different types of wall décor you can choose from, you most likely won’t be aware that there are so many other benefits to hanging wall décor than filling up walls!

1.  It can make your color palette.

One of the most difficult tasks of interior decoration is deciding on the colors for your walls. There are not only so many colors to choose from, but also a wide range of shades of most colors available. Wall décor helps reduce the stress of making this selection.

Just find a wall painting or hanging you love and use it as your center of inspiration for decorating your room, and choosing the right wall colors. Just pick two or three more shades from wall art décor you want to add to your décor and choose the dominant and additional shades you like. You can then use the same colored items to decorate your space.

2.  Center of attention.

Every room needs a focal point that attracts the attention of visitors and viewers in the room. And a good wall décor piece is best for fulfilling this task. For example, you can hang your favorite painting atop the fireplace mantle or your master suite or you can create a gallery wall as mentioned above in the dining or living area.

The most important point to remember while choosing the appropriate wall décor for the room is its size. Too small pieces only get miffed by the surrounding furniture while too big pieces just ‘spill over’. It’s always better to take measurements of the available space to know how much of space you have to work with.

3.  Creates a sense of texture.

Different wall art has different mediums and textures, which is why it’s better to try different wall art décor options for the different walls. Mix your wall décor with sculptures, paintings, some collectibles or tapestry.

They all add weight to your interiors which in turn determines the tone and feel of the room. Rough textures generally create a more intimate and grounded space while the smooth textures give a sleeker look to the room.

4.  Helps complete the room.

Last but not least, wall décor can actually work as a finishing element that pulls unfinished spaces together to make it feel complete. It’s sometimes all that’s needed to convert your space from something ordinary to something that looks like a room from an interior design magazine. 

Just remember to choose wall décor that blends with the room’s chosen decorating style as you should be happy seeing it on the wall for many years to come. In fact, wall art décor has such an important part in your interior decoration that it shouldn’t be the last thing you focus on while decorating your room.

It should instead be utilized to its complete potential to help plan the rest of your room. You’ll be surprised at the way your home looks once you are done installing your wall décor! 

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